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GreaterGood SA ranks in top 10 most trusted NGO brands

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The results of the annual Ask Afrika Trust Barometer were recently announced.

The Trust Barometer is an independent and objective measure that rates corporate trust and reputation. The only benchmark of its kind in South Africa, the survey is based on 200 exclusive interviews with CEO’s/M.D.’s of listed companies. GreaterGood South Africa was ranked in the top ten most admired and trusted NGO brands. 

The Trust Barometer is a credible measurement tool that uses robust methodology to measure corporate trust and reputation in the South Africa. The measure, which included an NGO category for the first time, has as its foundation 200 exclusive interviews with CEOs/MDs and senior executives of listed companies in South Africa. A differentiating factor of the Trust Barometer is that companies who are rated on reputation are mentioned spontaneously by respondents. This implies that any company mentioned has already established its reputation in the market which allows for respondents to recall the company that is most ‘top of mind’.

The Barometer 2010 incorporated insights from the KING III report and topical corporate issues to ensure the relevance of the benchmark. An evaluation of whether these aspects have a significant impact on a company’s reputation was also undertaken. Literature further supports The Trust Barometer findings by conferring that a definite relationship exists between the reputation of the company, the reputation of the CEO and the trustworthiness of a company.

In 1999, the vision of social entrepreneur, Tamzin Ractliffe – based on her experience in financial services, asset management and venture capital – created the first South African online development networking platform, which became GreaterGood South Africa in 2004. The GreaterGood group has grown rapidly from a fledgling social enterprise into a major player in the South African development and strategic social investment field.



As leaders in the social change sector, the GreaterGood group facilitates connections and partnerships between social investors of all kinds and development organisations working to end poverty in South Africa, for good.

To date, the GreaterGood group has:

  • Raised over R42 million for good causes
  • Advised on the investment of R781.2 million into high social impact projects
  • Created one of the world’s first social investment exchanges
  • Developed an Impact Investing advocacy network (SAII) to promote the field of social/environmental impact investment as asset class beyond responsible investment
  • Developed a network and giving platform for over 1,600 non profit organisations
  • Consulted to 92 corporate, development agency and public sector clients
  • Designed and run employee volunteering programmes for over 15 clients
  • Generated almost 150,000 hours of volunteer skills and time
  • Facilitated the distribution of over 8.6 million second hand and surplus goods


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