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Clover cleans up

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Just the first of a series

Clover's Clean Up 2010 campaign amongst its 22 regional office staff to clean up local communities has resulted in large amounts of waste being collected by the appropriately named teams, CSC Green Factor, Grasshoppers, City Deep Organic Mechanics and the Carbon Warriors. The teams collected 15 640 refuse bags of waste, weighing in at 37 860 kilograms during June, July and August 2010. 

The R100 000 Cash for Trash competition to the best "green ambassadors" and for collecting the most litter by the end of the campaign went to CSC Green Factor, with Clover Polokwane in second place and the City Deep Organic Mechanics in third.

Just the first of a series

The pioneering internal environmental initiative, spearheaded by Clover executive Drikus Lubbe, was launched in the lead up to World Environment Day in June this year. He suggests that this year's campaign is just the first in a series of internal initiatives that the company plans to roll out as part of a company-wide greening strategy.

"We are a proudly South African business that cares about our country and we want our environmental strategy to have a genuine impact on the communities in which we operate. I believe we achieved this with the first campaign and we're hoping that the positive results will set an example and encourage our business partners to take up the challenge with us next year to achieve an even cleaner, greener South Africa," he concludes.


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