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National Council on Gender Based Violence not the answer

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- Rape Crisis rejects President’s contention ....

Rape Crisis rejected the President’s contention in his 2013 State of the Nation address that the National Council on Gender Based Violence was a solution to the epidemic of rape and violence.

“While we are pleased that the President applauded the campaigns that have taken place against gender based violence, the Council is no solution.

“The biggest challenge facing a rape survivor is getting access to the resources that she needs, to help her and to help the justice system to prosecute the perpetrators. Those resources are not being provided by the national or provincial government, the Lottery, or the NDA. The Council has taken no steps that we are aware of to help make resources available. Communities are going to have to dig into their own pockets to make some these services available” said Kath Dey, director of Rape Crisis.

“We need a significant allocation of resources now. No special Council, directive or plan – it needs resources, and they are needed now.”

For further information or comment contact Kathleen Dey on (021) 447-1467 or kath@rapecrisis.org.za

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