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The Language of Leadership

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Conversations that change the world

During the last few years we have had the privilege to offer a series of workshops based on Peter Block’s book Community: The Structure of Belonging. More than 1,400 people in South Africa have experienced the power of the 6 Conversations of Community methodology.

 The Language of Leadership – Conversations that change the world is a workshop based on Peter Block’s work in leadership and community-change processes. This workshop invites participants to experience these new conversations in real time and understand how, as leaders, they can transform their teams, organisations and communities.

Learning about these conversations and Peter’s community building methodology has been life-changing for all of us and we just wish every leader & citizen in South Africa could experience this powerful process.
If you are a leader or citizen who cares about Community, Engagement, Citizenship or Social Cohesion then you will want to attend the upcoming Language of Leadership workshops. Please find all the information about these sessions below, alternatively make contact with Johleen for a flyer and registration form on 021 913 3507 or at johleen@symphonia.net.
Please send this invite to your network and community, as well as to help us spread the word about these workshops by sharing the workshop information on social media platforms. Thank you!
Kind Regards,
The Symphonia Language of Leadership Facilitators
Louise, Lucille, Nomathemba, Charl and Chris
“Every man wants to change the world, but nobody wants to change themselves!” – Tolstoy
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