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Animal Clinic celebrates its 14th anniversary

Categories: Animal Welfare

Although we were always aware that there was a desperate need for veterinary services in Khayelitsha we had no idea that our project would grow the way it has.


Mdzananda Animal Clinic recently celebrated its 14th anniversary. From baby  beginnings dipping dogs in a purple fibreglass bath on a street corner, to the adolescent years when we had premises but no water or electricity,we are now very established and continually expanding professional veterinary facility.

Most successful business tycoons believe in goal setting for success, but I think we may well be the exception to this theory.

Not only has the demand for our services grown at clinic, but we have watched a huge jump in the numbers of people attending our mobile clinics as well as receiving calls almost weekly from clients asking us to run mobiles in their communities.

It's difficult to pinpoint just what is behind this upsurge in interest but we would like to believe that it is our commitment to helping the pets of people with otherwise no access to veterinary care that makes the difference. 

Instead of having a vision of the bigger picture, I believe Mdzananda's secret to success has been our passion and honesty. Passion is contagious and has driven every one of us at the clinic to do our best at all times. Our honesty towards clients and donors has kept us on the right track and made people want to support us and we encourage donors to visit our project, so they can see the work we do and how we spend public money.

We are completely transparent in the handling of our finances, and are professionally audited annually. These documents are available for scrutiny.

Admittedly it has been a hard road to walk and we have tried to learn from what have often been harsh lessons in life about people and animals.

But, when I review my time working with the various people connected to the project, I am extremely grateful for having these experiences and am humbled by the gratitude of the pets and pet owners, the generosity of ordinary people and the privilege of meeting people from all walks of life.

I am truly blessed to have been both challenged and emotionally enriched by this project.

Wishing all our supporters, our clients and most of all their pets a very peaceful and happy festive season.

NB : Mdzananda no longer dips dogs. We prefer to use a topical anti-parasite treatment. It's kinder to the dogs and healthier for the environment.

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