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Evidence suggests that police brutality has increased in recent years.

Soon after last year’s Human Rights Day, Andries Tatane died an unnecessary and probably unlawful death at the hands of the police during a community protest in Ficksburg. He is the not only one to have suffered such a fate...   Read More...

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Stand together to wipe out this despicable practice.

As we are celebrating International Women’s Day today let’s not forget that one out of every four women in South Africa is in an abusive relationship. Every six days a woman in South Africa is murdered by her intimate partner. Every 25 seconds a woman or girl is raped in South Africa. These shocking statistics are not new to us, because every time we read a newspaper or turn on the television, we are made aware of the escalating level of abuse towards women and girls that takes place in our communities every day.   Read More...

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Image: Fighting on behalf of silenced voices Fight abuse, wherever you find it, whatever its form.

In a society where abuse is ever-present yet still on the increase, it is important for all citizens to do their part – no matter how small. Health writer Teresa Farmer says if you suspect that someone is being abused you should try to approach them.   Read More...

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Crime in their community

Young people have a lot to think about, but not enough outlets to speak about their challenges, voice their concerns, or share their triumphs.   Read More...

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Making an early start on their Mandela Day community service project, RamsayMedia’s Johannesburg and Cape Town staff downed tools on Friday, 15 July 2011 to assemble 200 comfort packs for young rape victims.


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The Volunteer Wildfire Services (VWS) attended a sponsorship handover ceremony at South African Breweries (SAB) in Newlands on Tuesday 12 July 2011.   Read More...

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Image: Edcon joins the fight against crime Mobile Police Stations Go National

Community neighbourhoods and central business districts around the country can breathe a little easier in the coming months as mobile police stations move in to prevent crime and keep residents safer.   Read More...

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South Africa’s children at risk

Following an article, “Shock figures shows crippled youth”, on the breakdown of family life in South Africa, which appeared in the Cape Times on 5 April 2011, NICRO (National Institute for Crime Prevention and the Reintegration of Offenders) has expressed grave concern about the effects of unstable families and child-headed households on children and young people.   Read More...

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Going beyond the call of duty

The Naledi SAPS enjoys a tremendous amount of support from its community who are actively involved in the activities and projects spearheaded by the station.  Naledi Station’s umbrella of responsibility currently incorporates approximately 7km² of territory with a population of 128 587.    Read More...

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