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Social & Community
Image: Jet brightens festive season for kids in need bringing much-needed Christmas cheer

In partnership with the Nashua Children's Charity Foundation, Jet Stores has spent the past few weeks bringing some much-needed Christmas cheer to many orphaned and abandoned children at care homes across the country.     Read More...

Social & Community
Good Hope and Media24 Toy Toy together

Nigel Pierce and the rest of the Good Hope FM breakfast team spent Monday morning Toy Toy-ing at Media24 to get toys for less fortunate kids and they were not disappointed.     Read More...

Environment & Bio-diversity, Skills Development, Social & Community
Cargo Carriers paves the way in logistics

Sustainability is gaining traction as the world begins to take more notice of carbon emissions and its impact on the environment.   Read More...

Social & Community
"Civil society has to ensure that champions are built in all sectors.”

Civil society needs to move swiftly to make itself relevant to the government in power, unions and business and to be able to review this within a year. This was the essence of the closing speech by Jay Naidoo, a Minister of State in the first South African democratic government and chairperson of the Development Bank of South Africa and Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, to the Our World Our Responsibility Donor conference today in Cape Town.    Read More...

Social & Community
Opinion piece by Shelagh Gastrow, Executive Director of Inyathelo

Shelagh Gastrow, Executive Director of Inyathelo-The South African Institute for Advancement argues that the capacity of philanthropy to serve as the engine room of social change is critical, with philanthropists not answerable to the market or to voters, but having the capacity to take risk with new concepts, cutting edge ideas and social change.     Read More...

Social & Community
Philanthropically-minded people and entities to transform the country’s socio-economic landscape.

 Major weaknesses exist in South Africa’s civil society movements and its citizenry as a result of decisions taken by government in 1994 when it demobilised NGOs and civil society, making people “passive bystanders in their own lives”. Now a new challenge existed: to deepen organisation to give communities the power to negotiate improvements in their lives.   Read More...

Social & Community
Awards acknowledge, celebrate and profile Philanthropists making a difference in South Africa

At the annual Inyathelo Philanthropy Awards held in Cape Town yesterday evening (15 November 2010), fifteen exceptional people were honoured for their philanthropic efforts in South Africa. See the Gallery for photos...   Read More...

Social & Community
Ask Afrika Trust Barometer 2010 included the NGO brand category for the first time

GreaterGood South Africa was ranked in the top ten most admired and trusted NGO brands in the annual Ask Afrika Trust Barometer, an independent and objective measure that rates corporate trust and reputation. Started formally in 2004, GreaterGood SA has rapidly established its reputation as a trusted player in the social investment arena.    Read More...

Social & Community, COMPANY NEWS
Just the first of a series

Clover's Clean Up 2010 campaign amongst its 22 regional office staff to clean up local communities has resulted in large amounts of waste being collected by the appropriately named teams, CSC Green Factor, Grasshoppers, City Deep Organic Mechanics and the Carbon Warriors. The teams collected 15 640 refuse bags of waste, weighing in at 37 860 kilograms during June, July and August 2010.    Read More...

Social & Community, COMPANY NEWS
Seven community-based organisations honoured for their contributions to community upliftment

JOHANNESBURG: Edcon's flagship CSI programme, the annual Jet Community Awards, honoured seven community-based organisations for their contributions to community upliftment at a ceremony at the Edcon Retail Academy in Johannesburg, South Africa on Wednesday, 10 November 2010.   Read More...

Social & Community
TFG once again supported the Drive by generously donated toys

During a LIVE BROADCAST of the Good Hope FM/Nigel Pierce Toy-Toy Drive, staff of Fashion Lifestyle Retailer, TFG once again generously donated toys by the boxful to the following 6 beneficiaries, all of whom are supported by one or more of the various Trading or Service Divisions that make up the TFG Group. The Toy-Toy Drive is but one initiative in support of these beneficiaries as the staff support them all year round.   Read More...

Social & Community, Sport
another extreme, ultra swim -- one of my most challenging to date

I am about to embark on another extreme, ultra swim -- one of my most challenging to date. I am raising funds to help teach children to swim, and to assist disadvantaged swimmers through the Cadiz Open Water Swimming Development Trust.   Read More...

Social & Community
Earn a little extra karma over the festive season this year

“We could all use a little extra karma at the moment,” says GreaterGood SA’s CEO, Dean Hand. “We live in an increasingly commercialised world where every celebration, tradition or festival seems to be more and more about what you get, rather than what you give.   Read More...

Social & Community
Image: Edcon Invests in the Future Supports the Black Management Forum's National Student Chapter Sem

Leading clothing, footwear and textiles retail group, Edcon demonstrates its support of young black professionals via its longstanding membership of the Black Management Forum (BMF) and sponsorship of the annual National BMF Student Chapter Seminar, hosted at the company's Retail Academy.     Read More...

Social & Community
A fun way to make your statement for the 16 Days of Activism

Speak Out and Stop Violence against Women and Girls – a 16 Days of Activism initiative by the Women’s Hope Education and Training (WHEAT) Trust.

Be part of a Global Women’s Feast from the 25th November, 2010 until the 10th December, 2010, by hosting a fun brunch/lunch/tea/cocktail or dinner from your own home or office. Do this as your contribution to speaking out and stopping violence against women and children during the 16 Days against domestic violence.    Read More...

Social & Community
Image: KFC highlights World Hunger Relief Month    The most satisfying meal of the day

The most satisfying meal of the day at KFC is the one which provides the giver with the satisfaction of donating a meal to a hungry child and in turn feeds the starving and adds hope to their lives.     Read More...

Environment & Bio-diversity, Social & Community
Helping to develop a sustainable solution

Changing consumer patterns, fuelled by fragmented media, greater product choice and lifestyle changes, combined with environmental and social changes are keeping marketers on their toes. Companies that can adapt to this new landscape the fastest will be the ones that win.     Read More...

Social & Community
Keynote Address at Opening

Minister of Social Development will be making the keynote address at the opening of the Rural Economic Development (RED) Summit on Monday, 18 October.   Read More...

Social & Community
Caring volunteers get together

Be A Blessing started doing its good work in September 2007. The idea was born after Karen Bothma, a chartered accountant for PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc, had worked in New York City for two years.   Read More...

Arts & Culture, Social & Community
The Amy Biehl Foundation fundraiser

The Amy Biehl Foundation will be hosting an exciting and fun evening of Salsa and Tango on Wednesday, 20 October at the River Club from 18:30. The Foundation hopes to raise lots of funds for their programmes. There will be raffle prizes, dance shows and dance lessons.   Read More...

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