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Image: Help a child reach five this Global Handwashing Day Lifebuoy wants to highlight the importance of proper handwashing with soap as a simple but effective measure to combat the spread of common infections
The countdown to Global Handwashing Day (15 October) is on and to celebrate this day health soap manufacturer, Lifebuoy wants to highlight the importance of proper handwashing with soap as a simple but effective measure to combat the spread of common infections.   Read More...

Image: Pioneers for Health Challenge GOOD Worldwide Launches Pioneers Of Health Challenge To Promote Innovation In Health And Development
GOOD Worldwide Inc (good.is) - an integrated media, thought leadership and community action platform - is offering innovators in health the opportunity to make a worldwide impact with the Pioneers of Health Challenge. Entries deadline Friday, 18 October 2013.   Read More...

Image: Engen Driver Wellness campaign in Epping Depot Engen in collaboration with Trucking Wellness have once again joined hands to bring this year’s Driver Wellness campaign to the community of Epping

 Now in its third year the Driver Wellness campaign is an annual initiative by Engen aimed at educating long distance truck drivers about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle whilst on the road, servicing the economy. The campaign kicked off earlier in March and will have been to 17 Engen sites by the end of October 2013.    Read More...

Image: Hypertension Affects All South Africans, Not Just Whites Lehohla made the claim that hypertension is ‘a disease of not being happy’

 Statement made by statistician-general, Pali Lehohla that unhappiness is the leading cause of hypertension and is mostly found in whites is not only inaccurate, but rather creates a dangerous misconception for South Africans   Read More...

Image: World Lymphoma Awareness Day: Creating awareness through stories of hope 15 September – “Cancer gave me an incredible perspective on life”
For MariaanStofberg, 2012 kicked off with a bang and life just couldn’t get better. She was in the prime of her life. Working at a private biokinetics practice within the Sport Science Institute of South Africa with a full work schedule, she loved her job and her life, despite the heavy traffic and the early mornings. She had the future in sight and couldn’t wait to get there.   Read More...

Image: Take The Road To A Healthier Heart Heart Awareness Month takes place in September every year, and is an entire month dedicated to creating awareness around the risks and prevention.

Heart Awareness Month takes place in September every year, and is an entire month dedicated to creating awareness around the risks and prevention of cardiovascular disease in South Africa. Globally, World Heart Day is celebrated on the 29th September, run by the World Heart Federation.   Read More...

Image: World Stroke Day falls on 29th October - a stroke is an event that profoundly changes someone’s life- Stroke Awareness Week: Monday 28th October to Sunday 3rd November 2013

We know that having a stroke is an event that profoundly changes someone’s life, and that of the people around them. Finding the support of others who have survived a similar situation is crucial for mental and physical healing.   Read More...

Image: Request For Donations For The Childrens Clinic At Vahalla Park A group of third year pharmacy students from the University of the Western Cape (UWC) tries to make a difference in their community

As part of our community project we visited the Vahlalla Park Clinic and identified a desperate need for a more child friendly environment.   Read More...

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Image: #domore Ride Elton Davids, wanting to #domore and raise money for the envisaged Early Childhood Development Centre cycled from Knysna to Cape Town

He is going to continue this epic fundraising journey by cycling from London to Edinburgh and back (in 4 days!) at the end of July!  It is always so inspiring seeing how people come up with ways to make a difference by doing what they are good at.     Read More...

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Image: Keeping Your Family Healthy Lifebuoy, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine conducted a small-scale study1 into consumer perceptions regarding everyday illness
Everyday infections such as colds, coughs, flu, stomach and skin infections have a major impact on families especially in terms of overall health and emotional wellbeing, money and time. In addition, the far reaching consequence of everyday illness also has an effect on education and the productivity of the nation as a whole.   Read More...

- 83 year old Children’s Ward to receive multi-million rand improvement and extension

Thanks to the partnership between the Ackerman Family Foundation and the Children’s Hospital Trust, City Hospital’s 83 year old Children’s Ward will receive a multi-million rand upgrade.   Read More...

HEADLINES, Health, Safety & Security
Image: UN human rights chief 'outraged' at 'pandemic of sexual violence' in SA Following the rape of Anene Booysen, UN human rights chief Navi Pillay has called on authorities to do more to tackle a 'pandemic of sexual violence'. "There is a need for very strong signals to be sent to all rapists that sexual violence is absolutely unacceptable and that they will have to face the consequences of their terrible acts," Pillay said.   Read More...

Image: Drug found to reverse ‘Alzheimer’s’ memory loss in mice Could new drug be a cure for one of the most terrible diseases that afflicts humans?

A small molecule, injected into mice engineered to have a version of Alzheimer’s disease, reverses their memory loss, a study reports. The molecule, called TFP5, fixes abnormal brain structures called plaques and tangles by blocking an overactive brain signal, scientists said,in this article republished courtesy of FASEB and World Science staff.   Read More...

Image: Newfound mechanism in aging called a ‘surprising’ advance The aging process seems to have a lot to do with a declining nutrient-storage capacity in certain compartments within cells.

A newly identified mechanism reported to underlie the aging process is being called surprising by other scientists – who also say it has a good chance of paving the way for further insights, in this article republished courtesy of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre and World Science staff in the United States.   Read More...

Image: 86% doctor vacancy rate in Limpopo Limpopo has the highest public sector doctor vacancy rate in South Africa, at 86%.
This is according to the latest South Africa Survey, to be published in Johannesburg next week by the South African Institute of Race Relations. The provinces with the second and third highest vacancy rates are the Northern Cape and the Eastern Cape, at 57% and 48% respectively. The North West has the lowest rate at 26%. South Africa has an overall vacancy rate of 56% for doctors in the public sector.   Read More...

Image: Romper suit to protect against sudden infant death Breathing sensors built into romper suits could help prevent sudden cot deaths in the future.
Parents of newborn babies are always creeping into the nursery at night to check that their infant is still breathing. Alternatively, they might let baby sleep in their room, hoping to notice any respiratory arrest and intervene before it is too late. In future, a romper suit with an integrated sensor system could warn parents as soon as their child stops breathing.   Read More...

Reducing air pollution and meningitis risk in Africa.

Where there's smoke, there's disease? They're little more than a pile of burning sticks with a stew pot atop them, but these open fires or basic cook stoves have been linked to the premature deaths of 4 million people annually, many of them young children, writes Cheryl Dybas, of the National Science Foundation.   Read More...

A research team led by the University of Iowa has created the most detailed, three-dimensional rendering of a mammal lung.

Amidst the extraordinarily dense network of pathways in a mammal lung is a common destination. There, any road leads to a cul-de-sac of sorts called the pulmonary acinus. This place looks like a bunch of grapes attached to a stem (acinus means ‘berry’ in Latin), writes Richard C Lewis, University of Iowa.   Read More...

Women with sleep apnea have higher degree of brain damage than men, UCLA study shows.

Women suffering from sleep apnea have, on the whole, a higher degree of brain damage than men with the disorder, according to a first-of-its-kind study conducted by researchers at the UCLA School of Nursing. The findings are reported in the December issue of the peer-reviewed journal SLEEP, writes UCLA’s Laura Perry.

Feeling better? It doesn’t matter – take your medicine.

One of the most important health problems in the United States - and perhaps here in South Africa as well - is the failure of patients with chronic diseases to take their medications and do all that is necessary to control their illnesses, writes UCLA’s Enrique Rivero.   Read More...

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