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Image: Port of East London plays host to local girls The Port of East London opened its doors to 31 girls from local schools for Cell C’s Take a Girl Child to Work Day ® 2015 on Thursday, 28 May 2015
The learners were from Gwaba Combined School,Kusile Comprehensive School,Lingelethu High School, Simnikiwe High School, Zweliyandila High School, Moses Mabhida High School, Loyiso Senior Secondary School,Mizamo High School, Sakhisizwe Senior Secondary School and Qhasana Senior Secondary School.   Read More...

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Image: Experienced SME Consultants, Mentors & Trainers Needed - Fetola is looking for skilled, experienced senior business mentors, consultants and trainers for enterprise and supplier development services.

Fetola is looking for skilled, experienced senior business mentors, consultants and trainers for their enterprise and supplier development services. Mentors should have a proven track record and expertise in facilitating growth in small, emerging black-owned enterprises. Capabilities include mentoring & coaching, general business and sector-specific skills.    Read More...

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Image: Fuelling the fire of Youth Unemployment - youth unemployment challenges will just keep growing.

Unless work-seekers are equipped with work experience and the skills employers really need, our youth unemployment challenges will just keep growing. We have all read the statistics – 3,4 million young people unemployed in SA, 36% of all youths of working age without a job, 67% of all unemployed people in SA classified as youths – but what is really behind South Africa’s youth unemployment crisis?   Read More...

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Image: MANAGEMENT: Why interns make good business sense SA business owners are ambivalent when it comes to the use of interns

South African business owners are ambivalent when it comes to the use of interns in their organisations. On the one hand, many business owners are hesitant to hire young graduates due to their lack of work place experience.   Read More...

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Image: Is the lack of collaboration hampering South Africa’s growth? By Vukani Magubane, Public Affairs & Communications Director, Coca-Cola South Africa, and Auxilia Ponga, Representative UN Women Multi-Country Office.

South Africa has made great strides over the past twenty years after democracy, yet there is still much to do to elevate South Africa’s women to their full potential. There is a large potential for sustainable growth and opportunities for many in our country should we be able to address certain key issues.   Read More...

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Image: Elections and youth unemployment - we are sick and tired of recycled empty promises!   It is that time again! Calls for our votes, empty promises by political parties, many recycled from the not too distant past. The unemployed are promised jobs, and millions of it! These promises were made before. They will be made again. Few people are aware that South Africa is one of the worst in the world when it comes to youth unemployment.   Read More...

Image: Local NPO creating opportunities for people with disabilities DreamHouse Workshop for the Blind is helping to create and maintain permanent employment opportunities for blind, disabled and disadvantged

According to Cathy Donaldson, President of Blind SA, about a million South Africans are blind or visually impaired.  She continues  to say that finding employment and accessible and supportive work environments  remains a primary challenge, adding that although the situation is difficult, it is through the existence of various blind-related organisations that hope for a better  life and equal opportunities for both blind and disabled people  is restored.   Read More...

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Image: Creating opportunities for entrepreneurs in order to combat South Africa’s job creation challenges Thembeka, which means to have trust, is the name Clinton Nel gave to his Sales and Logistics business

 For many like Clinton the prospect of starting a new business can be somewhat intimidating and challenging. But Clinton, like some of the country’s top entrepreneurs, began with the very important task of putting pen to paper, translating his dreams into a viable business plan.   Read More...

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 Grade 6 and 7 learners from nearly 40 under-resourced schools in South Africa are about to put their literary knowledge to the test at

The Times sponsored, Phendulani Literacy Quiz.

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