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Image: TSiBA Alumni  Rodney Brouwer “If you have a setback, never take a step back, just make a comeback”

Rodney Brouwer grew up in a small town called Riversonderend in the Western Cape and was first introduced to TSiBA at a TSiBA Eden recruitment drive. Rodney has always been passionate about entrepreneurship and leadership and he instantly knew that TSiBA would turn his dreams into reality.   Read More...

From the Directors Desk

If so, how do we create meaningful opportunities for collaboration within an inherently competitive NGO Sector, with a profit driven corporate sector and a slow moving Government machine? I have been grappling with these issues of late both in terms of IESA’s role in collaboration and more broadly as a nation seeking to effect change.   Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , Education
Image: Invitation: Partners for Possibility Information Session - Cape Town Partners for Possibility (PfP) is a creative and collaborative solution to South Africa’s education system

Partners for Possibility (PfP) is a creative and collaborative solution to South Africa’s education system, and we’d like to give you the opportunity to understand how it works and ask any questions you have.   Read More...

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Image: Young Zama’s quest to better teenagers’ lives this Youth Month Help us renovate our girls home

Having recently secured premises to develop an independent communal living space for 20 young women between the ages of 18 and 22 transitioning from orphanages, O Grace Land young MD, Philani Zama (26) is one step away from bettering lives this Youth Month.   Read More...

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Image: Some call it Magic, we call it Science. Let’s Play Science! With the upcoming school vacation, the Cape Town Science Centre (CTSC) has once again put together an exciting holiday programme for all visitors

An assortment of workshops and activities will challenge young scientists to explore, discover and learn through play in a simple yet fun way.   Read More...

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Image: 2016 WISE Awards PfP has been selected as a finalist in the global WISE Awards for 2016.

The WISE Awards is an international competition that seeks to identify and celebrate initiatives aimed at improving the education sector. Every year a panel of judges and selectors choose 15 organisations and select 6 for the prestigious WISE Award. This year the selectors have identified organisations from Canada, the USA, Mexico, France, China, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Brazil, Spain, India, Paraguay and South Africa.   Read More...

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Image: Stoogle's next step! Introducing EduOne... The Stoogle Team is very excited to introduce their very own mother brand, EduOne

After many long hours, late nights, and bonding over countless cups of coffee, Tthe Stoogle Team have managed to deliver a complete rebrand. What was once known as Stoogle is now known as EduOne. They are, at this moment in time, bigger and better, with a whole new look and feel. They recently revealed their major facelift.


ALL THE NEWS , Education
Image: There's a new way to come to the IFC 2016. The Resource Alliance is excited to announce the IFC’s inaugural scholarship programme

We realise that for many, the investment in registration and travel can hold you back. Especially if you're working in organisations with smaller training budgets. Especially when you might be half a world away from our conference centre in the Netherlands.   Read More...

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Image: And the countdown begins… Two weeks to the holidays It is hopefully going to wet and cold outdoors and we have the perfect indoor venue to keep children of ages dry, curious, engaged and inspired!

You are invited to join us at the Cape Town Science Centre for one of our famous Holiday programmes, three weeks jam-packed with hands-on workshops, demonstrations, science shows and more.   Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , Education
Image: Charity book sale at Gardens Centre starts Monday 20 June Wola Nani fund-raiser for two weeks till Sunday 3 July

A charity book sale supporting Wola Nani will be held in the Gardens Centre from Monday 20 June. The pop-up fundraiser will see ardent readers, film fundi’s and music aficionados convene for a good cause, with book, CD and DVD proceeds going to support the NGO’s work with women, orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) affected by the AIDS crisis.   Read More...

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Image: Motivation, the key to performance improvement in the workplace Rosebank College has initiated the Education Wellness Programme, which focuses on a healthy mind and attitude, fundamental to making happy employees

31 May 2016:  Happy employees make all the difference in ensuring that companies meet their targets and that staff retention and productivity remain high.   Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , Education
Image: Early Childhood Development - from BRIDGE It Was the Best of Times ﹣ Exciting Developments in ECD

It is an exciting time for the Early Childhood Development (ECD) sector with the approval of the National Integrated Policy for ECD, the registration of the Level 4 Occupational Certificate: ECD Practitioner and the launch of the very first South African Early Childhood Review.   Read More...

Department of Basic Education should act urgently to address school dropout (Cape Town, 31 May, 2016)

 “The Department of Basic Education needs to act urgently to address the crisis in education for over 60% of youth who drop out of school without any school leaving qualification and little prospect of finding meaningful employment”, Robyn Beere, Director, Inclusive Education South Africa, said at a roundtable discussion hosted by the Catholic Parliamentary Liaison Office (CPLO) in Cape Town today.   Read More...

Image: Teaching through, not with technology Lloyd Gedye 27 May 2016

The success or failure of introducing technology into the classroom often rests with the teacher who is tasked with integrating it into their teaching methodology. Placing technology in a classroom is only the first step, and won’t in itself necessarily produce effective results.

ALL THE NEWS , Education
Image: WHAT WILL BRING THE NEXT REAL CHANGE IN SOUTH AFRICA? THE DG MURRAY TRUST LAUNCHES A POWERFUL PSA. What can ordinary citizens and small groups of people do that can create real change and have large scale impact?
Although there are various ways to improve South Africa, evidence from around the world shows that one thing – more than anything else – can lead to greater equality, better education and health outcomes; a stronger economy and a better society with less crime and public violence. That is: investing in the early development and wellbeing of children.   Read More...

HEADLINES, Education, Wildlife Conservation
Image: Deep-sea trawl operators and WWF-SA team up to tackle fishy issues The South African Deep Sea Trawling Industry Association (SADSTIA) has teamed up with conservation organisation, WWF South Africa (WWF-SA), to dramatically improve the management of at least 12 non-target fish species that are caught alongside hake in the offshore demersal trawl fishery.   Read More...

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Image: Stoogle Hits the Road, Jack Local Cape Town Start-up Stoogle embarks on a 20-day roadshow to offer free workshops and career advice to South African students.

On the 23rd of May 2016, a small team will leave Stoogle’s head offices in Salt River, Cape Town to begin a road trip long the coast of South Africa. The team will visit over 30 schools and chat to more than 16 000 high school learners about career decisions, tertiary studies, and the online portals that Stoogle has built, free to use for the learners.   Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , Education
Image: The LifeXchange Team  - Is Mentoring Obsolete? What role can one-one-one, long-term relationships play in today's fast-paced, immediate gratification, 21st century society?

The Case for Mentoring - When unlimited information is literally at our fingertips, is it really so necessary to spend the time getting to know an older, wiser, more experienced 'mentor' in our lives? Cobus shares insights from his research to give you his answer.   Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , Education
Image: PenBev supports day out for pupils a valuable learning opportunity for children to get a new perspective on what they are taught in class

It was a sunny and enjoyable day out of the classroom and there were smiles all round as the children and teachers explored the park with delight. Some of the youngsters hurried quickly past the snake cages and other reptiles on display.   Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , Education
Image: 2016 is our Capture the Magic year We reflect on the 12 years that TSiBA has Ignited Opportunity and social change.

To date, our current Bachelor’s degree (BBA) Alumni will have (conservatively estimated) pumped over R1.7bn into the economy over their lifetimes. Pretty cool in an environment where 8.3 million people are jobless and over 60% of their peers are unemployed. It is possible to offer all South Africa’s talent an open door to the biggest single changer of futures – entrepreneurial education.   Read More...

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