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Image: Rhino Tears

The Rhino Tears range of wines, from the Mt Vernon estate in Cape Town, donates R15 from every bottle sold to be used in the war against rhino poaching within South Africa’s national parks (SANParks). Since launch in 2014 they have already contributed R 1 000 000 to the cause.

Rhino Tears wine is available for purchase online at www.rhinotears.co.za.   Read More...

Image: We are the Animal Anti-Cruelty League (AACL) Cape Town

AACL depends on the generosity of the public and it is solely through donations that it is able to survive. If you would like to support the AACL Cape Town and its work, please feel free to make donations either via Electronic Fund Transfers ( see Local/International Banking details www.aacl.co.za in the About section) or via GivenGain (www.Givengain.com) where you can register as an activist and give online donations directly.   Read More...

Image: SOSA Investments: Project Light Video

Currently, more than 3.3 million people die from indoor air pollution every year. This translates to more deaths than HIV/Aids and Malaria combined. Furthermore, many underprivileged children in South Africa do not live in an environment that is conducive to a stable education. This is predominantly due to the lack of financial freedom and access to electricity that many households experience. As a result, kerosene lanterns are used as a substitute, which has the direct implication of household members contracting asthma due to the toxic-fumes kerosene lanterns emit. Additionally, kerosene lanterns have proven to be a highly dangerous fire hazard, especially in densely populated areas.

SOSA Investments (Pty) Ltd is the sole, Southern African distributor of the world’s first low-cost expandable solar lamp, namely the SolarPuff. Using the SolarPuff, SOSA creates a sustainable solution for people in need, thus affecting their everyday life. Consequently, as part of a CSR Initiative, we strive to grant 50 000 units to underprivileged Grade 3 learners in South Africa. This will effectively give them a clean, sustainable source of light in order to have an improved educational experience. Each SolarPuff will be distributed at the beginning of every school year, together with the students’ school packs, which includes their books and stationery.   Read More...

Image: Grizelda’s interview with News24 Grizelda Grootboom on being trafficked and prostituted in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Published on Nov 13, 2014

Grizelda Grootboom was 18 years old when a trip to Johannesburg turned into a nightmare. Trafficked in Yeoville she was tied in a room for two weeks and forced to work as a sex slave. This is her story. WATCH.   Read More...

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Image: Mamelani's #ProSeed Programme participants for Swiss Conference Waydene and Carly selected to represent Mamelani at the #Alternativecare2016 conference in Geneva, Switzerland

Incase you missed this....Two of Mamelani's #ProSeed Programme participants, Waydene and Carly were selected to represent Mamelani at the #Alternativecare2016 conference in Geneva, Switzerland. Read more about the conference.... http://www.alternativecaregeneva2016.com/index.php/en/    ........   Read More...

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Image: Meet MAX  ...... - A Skills Development Project intern, working in the “Friendly Shop"

Friends of Valkenberg run various recovery groups with the intention not only of teaching life skills, but also helping people into meaningful employment to end the cycle of poverty which often contributes to relapse. 


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Image: PURPLE COW VENTURES - Sustainability & Social Impact

Venture-based non-profit organisation raising funds for Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) charities and fundraiser s, We are a registered NPC 2013/015719/08 www.purplecowventures.co.za   Read More...

Image: There are some words kids shouldn't know Scary words like Dialysis, Ventilator, Tumour and ICU become integral to the reality and vocabulary of a critically sick or injured child.

Scary words like Dialysis, Ventilator, Tumour and ICU become integral to the reality and vocabulary of a critically sick or injured child. The Red Cross Children’s Hospital has the largest ICU for children in Africa, but the demands on this unit are higher than their capacity to deliver.

Donate to help us build a bigger & better ICU at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital.
Donate online www.childrenshospitaltrust.org.za
or       *SMS ICU to 40465 to donate R20             *Network and Admin fees apply   Read More...

Image: WOW : Horse Riding Adventure

Thank you to Bugz Family Playpark for hosting Warrior On Wheels Foundation for a morning with the horses at Horse Rides at Pete's Adventure Farm. Twelve amazing differently-abled children had the experience of interacting with, grooming and riding the horses.
Whatever the dis-ability... for this morning every child was a cowboy or cowgirl. As Winston Churchill said "There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man" and if you look at these smiles, we know this is true.

Thank you again to Friends Day Centre for joining us on our adventures!   Read More...

Image: WOW :  Ceres Zipslide Adventures

What a phenomenally awesome morning! We had two special children from Friends Day Centre join us at Ceres Zipslide Adventures for a morning of crazy adrenalin-filled adventure. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Angelique and your team at Ceres Zipslide Adventures for making today possible and thank you for the way your crew looked after Damian, Zeah and Xaiden. You are leading the way forward in being a shining example of inclusion!   Read More...

Image: HIGHLIGHTS  :  Trialogue CSI Conference 2015


We look forward to welcoming you in 2016 !



View the highlights from the Trialogue CSI Conference 2015   - 


Image: Inside Christel House - a day in the life of a student

Take a look at a day in a life of a Christel House learner. "The mission is simple, the challenge is Huge.
Education is a fundamental human right and will help end the vicious and repetitive cycle of poverty. You can help us transform lives and help pupils of South Africa receive a high-quality education and the social care necessary to help transform their lives... 360 degrees. Join 360 DEGREES and be the change - give a child a life to inspire to, through Christel House school.


Filmed and directed by Nicky Felbert. Branded content, bringing value to our clients by creating entertainment and awareness in the ever-increasing need for digital content.   Read More...

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Image: Sozo Partners with Animation Studio to present The Sozo Story

The Sozo Foundation recently partnered with local animation studio, Studio Bolland, to help tell Sozo’s story through animation.

The 3-minute video introduces viewers to Vrygrond, a little-known township near Muizenberg, Cape Town, expands on the social development needs within the community, and shares how the Sozo Foundation are working to see transformation in the area.   Read More...

Image: An amazing film project to get social and climate change documents signed at the UN.

Campaigners welcome new development goals as thousands mobilise around the world

Campaigners around the world have today welcomed the adoption of the new Global Goals for sustainable development and called on leaders to seriously commit to their implementation.   Read More...

Image: Habitat for Humanity PSA Build

A PSA for Habitat for Humanity that exponentially increased donations in many forms   Read More...

Image: xenophobia speak out!

Have an ear to the ground about what Cape Town says about xenophobia! Directed by Nicky Felbert for Video Tower. https://www.videotower.co.za https://www.nickyfelbertfilm.com Thank you to Lesiba Phillip Malete for his assistance on the streets, Matilda Masendeke and Paul Waldeck for inspiration. And thank you to the many voices of Cape Town who have spoken and helped bring peace to South Africa. And to you, for watching and sharing.
" Watching the news from my computer about the xenophobic attacks in South Africa, I was appalled that this war had started up again. I have a Zimbabwean au pair, she is wonderful to my child and a pleasure to have in my home. How do I help her and the many other foreigners in South Africa? Or at least help calm the situation in Cape Town where it hadn't flared up. In 2008, Cape Town was in strife and great need over the xenophobic attacks. This should not happen again! I see Capetonians unite in peace with determination that the xenophobic attacks don't create the war and strife of previous years. They have already hurt the South African economy as tourists pull out of their holiday packages. 1 in every 12 jobs in South Africa is supported by tourism. Please watch this video and pass it around to help all the foreigners living in South Africa, help keep SA peaceful! This is a positive and important message! "   Read More...

Image: Grassroot Soccer 2015 Impact So Far.

Thanks to all our donors, supporters and partners, this is what we've collectively achieved in 2015 so far.   Read More...


Heritage Day, celebrated annually on the 24th September, has been set aside for South African’s to celebrate exactly that – our rich cultural heritage as a Nation. Although ingredients may vary, the one common thread we have is that when we have something to celebrate, we gather together, light fires and share great meals.

In the spirit of this theme, an opportunity to surprise 2 Entrepreneurs was identified with a #lootbraaimakeover, as their need truly resonated with us. These ladies braai seven days a week to support their families, and we decided to pay it forward by supplying them with some new equipment which would contribute towards strengthening their businesses.   Read More...

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Image: Project Playground - Mapanya Sogoni TEDx Talk

Mapanya Sogoni, manager at Project Playground Langa, speaks at UniTED, a TEDx conference at University of Cape Town, South Africa, April 25th 2015.   Read More...

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