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Child Maintenances Difficulties in South Africa, founded by Felicity Guest in July 2014, started with a Facebook group to offer support to people going through the maintenance system. It currently has 28 000 members and is growing daily.  The group offers people advice and support when navigating the family court system. Twenty support groups for single parents are also available nationally.

The mission statement of CMDSA is -

To empower parents through education and advocacy to deal with conflict in their personal lives, primarily around family matters, to create a better state of being, to be healers in their own lives, which will ripple out to the rest of society, focusing on THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD, and the promotion of respect and compassion’.

The objectives of CMDSA are: support through the Facebook site as well as support groups running nationally; training and development, both for single parents and staff members of the Department of Justice; advocating for better services within the family court system and being the watchdog of the family court system; a social enterprise that creates employment for single mothers.



























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