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Our publications reflect the diverse stories of the network under the sectors of health, literacy, interconnectedness and inclusivity, youth economic participation and active citizenry. Through our publications, we are able to showcase the work that Activators are doing to Inspire collective and collaborative leadership.    view...

# Future Now

Categories: Civil Action/Philanthropy, Advocacy

Even though youth make up 38% of the South African population, the National Development Plan Vision 2030 leaves us wondering: what about us? This question has been nagging us for so long that we’ve decided to do something about it. We invite you to join us in putting together an action plan for youth by youth.

This game-changing plan will be made up of young people’s ideas to dramatically and practically shift the current landscape and make our future happen now.

ACTIVATE! invited the general public to add their idea to a 10-point action plan that would set the agenda for youth in this country. (www.futurenowsa.co.za)

- Lion’s Den

The Lion’s Den/Ideas Festival is a space where young people who run their own companies and social-impact projects are given an opportunity to collaborate, co-create and present their work to a panel of judges. The panel will be made up of industry and thought leaders - who after thorough scrutiny and critique, give valuable input on how Activators may better augment their projects.

- Exchanges

This is a series of actual events and dialogues that take place throughout the year. They provide a platform to discuss what young people are doing to create change and what can be done to support them.

The idea is that Activators interact, make contacts and exchange ideas with people from all sectors of society. These events are designed to widen networks of opportunities and create awareness.

While a small number of key Exchanges are run by the organisation that supports the network of change drivers, Activators also organize their own Exchanges, drawing on the organisation for support as they need it.       ( See video )

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