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World Hunger Day - Help Us Feed A Future!

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Did you know that more than 3 million children in South African experience chronic hunger every day?

Also, 66 million primary school children across the developing world attend classes hungry, 60% of which are girls. 

Whilst nutrition remains a national priority for South Africa, there are still millions of children who start their school day without a nutritious breakfast and a guarantee of a wholesome meal for the day. During the month of May, Christel House South Africa recognised World Hunger Day, observed on 28 May, and we continue to reflect on the importance of nutrition in education.

Christel House students come from severely impoverished homes and the meals received at school are usually the only food they receive that day. As part of our holistic education model, we provide each child with two nutritious meals and snacks daily - at a cost of only R20 per student. At the start of 2019, we launched our 'Feed A Future' campaign to raise critical funding needed for our school's feeding programme.

We need your help to feed more futures - remember only R20 provides two nutritious meals and snacks daily for one student; R420 will feed the student for a full month; and R4,552 for the whole year!


All donations are fully tax-deductible - simply email your proof of payment to info@sa.christelhouse.org or call us on 021 704 9406.

Prefer to donate on a monthly basis? Simply select our 'Monthly donation' option to automatically donate a fixed amount every month and know that your donation is feeding a child at Christel House. 

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