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The Novalis Ubuntu Institute provides facilitators and organizations with an appropriate working environment to hold courses and workshops focusing on personal development and conscious awareness.

If you are looking to bring new inspiration into your life, whether you are in business, the healing professions, education or a non-profit organization, the workshops and courses held at The Novalis Ubuntu Institute provide adults with an opportunity to explore, learn and develop through holistic and progressive processes.

Workshops and courses include:

  •     Self-Awareness and Conscious Development Workshops
  •     Resilience Building Courses
  •     Talks, Meditation and Healing Workshops
  •     Creativity Workshops and Art Classes
  •     Financial Wellness & Conflict Wholeness Workshops
  •     Healing Touch Courses
  •     Energy Balancing Courses
  •     Vibrational Alignment Workshops

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Sustainable Thriving Communities ‘Ubuntu Conference’ 2016

Categories: Sustainability
The Novalis Ubuntu Institute is hosting its second Sustainable Thriving Communities Ubuntu Conference on Wednesday, May 18th, 2016.
The event times are 09h00 – 18h00. The Sustainable Thriving Communities Ubuntu Conference is open to the public. Entrance fee varies per person. Corporations, Businesses and Government Departments: R250.00, NPO’s: R100.00, Students and Unemployed Youth: Pay what you can/Fare exchange, CTTE Members: T100.00. The Ubuntu Conference is an ‘open space’ forum to share experiences and increase awareness of the impact of and in Sustainable Thriving Communities.

The event will include workshops on Permaculture, Alternative Sustainable Economic and Entrepreneurship Models, Youth and Job Opportunities, Lobby and Advocacy and Intergenerational Skills Transfer. The Ubuntu Conference will include refreshments, lunch and an evening with dinner entertainment and dinner.

The aim of the conference is to invite every person interested in building sustainable, thriving communities to connect, share and explore their vision. The participants include those making progress in sustainable development and those who wish to learn about the impact of sustainable livelihood and flourishing communities.

The Novalis Ubuntu Institute’s Sustainable Thriving Communities Project is a sustainable community development project targeting stakeholders working for and within sustainable livelihoods and thriving communities in the Western Cape.

Should you have any queries relating to The Novalis Ubuntu Institute's Sustainable Thriving Communities Project or the Ubuntu Conference, please contact marianne@novalis.org.za or telephone 021 797 1857.

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