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The Novalis Ubuntu Institute provides facilitators and organizations with an appropriate working environment to hold courses and workshops focusing on personal development and conscious awareness.

If you are looking to bring new inspiration into your life, whether you are in business, the healing professions, education or a non-profit organization, the workshops and courses held at The Novalis Ubuntu Institute provide adults with an opportunity to explore, learn and develop through holistic and progressive processes.

Workshops and courses include:

  •     Self-Awareness and Conscious Development Workshops
  •     Resilience Building Courses
  •     Talks, Meditation and Healing Workshops
  •     Creativity Workshops and Art Classes
  •     Financial Wellness & Conflict Wholeness Workshops
  •     Healing Touch Courses
  •     Energy Balancing Courses
  •     Vibrational Alignment Workshops

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Intergenerational Dialogues Mini Conference – 2016 - ‘I See You’ - Celebrating Youth Month

Categories: ALL THE NEWS , Social & Community
The Novalis Ubuntu Institute will host the fourth Intergenerational Dialogues Mini Conference on Wednesday, June 15, 2016.

The theme for the 2016 Intergenerational Dialogues is 'I See You'. This reflects our ability to recognise and witness each other's highest potential, acknowledging each other’s human right to be part of the 'family of Humankind'

The 2016 Dialogues will include a facilitated process for delegates to witness and be witnessed in the exploration of highest potential to identify and map next steps and long term goals.

The conference seeks to create a space for reflection, listening and exchange between generations. The dialogues are a wonderful tool to assist with personal empowerment, bonding relationships and building community pride. The 2015 Dialogues had four generations represented with ages ranging between 15 and over 80.

The outcome of the conference is to empower community cohesion. An empowered community is a resilient community. A resilient community can be a thriving community.

Should you have any further questions about The Novalis Ubuntu Institute Fourth Intergenerational Dialogues Mini Conference, please contact marianne@novalis.org.za or telephone 021 797 1857


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