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About Us

Education supports economic development, social reform, and civic participation. It provides the foundation for tomorrow’s leaders. Mathematics, Science and Technology are the life blood of the future.

Maths Centre Incorporating Sciences (MCIS) provides Mathematics, Science and Technology to enhance the outstanding teacher performance and disadvantaged in school learners from Grade R – Grade 12 and out of school youth development critical bridging courses for engineering artisans companies. We are a registered Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), NPO Number:   001-411. Our Fundraising Number:  011007790003

We offer NQF Level 4 for out of school youth and informal businesses thereby closing gaps in knowledge and increasing opportunities for skills development giving the youth access to further training.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has ranked South Africa 137 out of 139 countries in mathematics and science education quality. The rankings therefore detail the perceived quality of mathematics and science education systems in our country. Troubling statistics cannot be ignored and they keep on piling on the already disturbing education system. The extremely slow progress of Maths, Science and Technology education in its current form cannot be defended. Maths Centre is very clear on Objectives, Scope and its Competitive Advantage.

Maths Centre competitive advantage is a well-researched delivery model of in-service teachers education, a teacher and learner turnaround strategy, a model of how skills can be developed in any geographical location and circumstance in South Africa. The complex and unique combination of Maths Centre activities is a holistic and high impact model.

Maths Centre works with the Department of Basic Education, teachers, learners, trainers, subject advisers, and parents to expand access to Maths and Science education and improve the quality of instruction. We design programmes and provide consulting to support lifelong learning, starting at the primary and secondary levels and continuing through higher education and professional training. MC is not just a ‘worthy’ cause oriented organisation. It has a track record of solutions to a core problem in Maths, Science and Technology in South Africa. Project management, implementation and delivery for all of the following are offered to world class standards.

Our vision

To enable world-class performance of both teachers and learners in Maths, Science and Technology education in South Africa.

Our mission

To provide high impact support to the South African education system using proven methods and resources to develop effective teachers and promote measurable improvement of learner performance in Maths, Science and Technology.


  • To enhance teacher qualifications, competencies and professionalism in Mathematics, Science, Technology and Entrepreneurship subjects within a whole school context through intensive classroom and workshop based, needs based programmes.
  • To demonstrably enhance learner performance, through a systematic monitoring of learner progression.
  • To provide skills development programmes for in-school and out of school youth and informal businesses within the domain of MST and Entrepreneurship Education.
  • To produce high quality, effective and efficient teaching and learning materials for Grades R – 12.
  • To enable world-class performance of both teachers and learners in Maths, Science and Technology education in South Africa.


What Makes Maths Centre Stand Out and Exclusive

  • Excellent track record of making a difference since 1985 as a Section 18A organisation.
  • Headquartered in Juta Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg.
  • Footprint in all 9 national provinces.
  • SACE endorsed courses.
  • Audits conducted by Deloitte since inception - pro bono.
  • World class teaching and learning aids and ICT software.
  • Quality Assurance mechanisms and impact assessment tools.
  • 100% beneficiaries from previously disadvantaged groups.
  • Short and long term well designed and executed projects
  • Expanded portfolio delivering Maths, Science and Technology for Engineering and Entrepreneurship Education, ECD.

Integrated approach

  • Target learners and teachers and parents for grade R – 12

Strong corporate governance

  • Permanent accreditation with ETDPSETA

Able to meet donor BBBEE and tax requirements

  • Donations to Maths centre are tax deductible under section 18A
  • BBBEE compliant provider and able to meet donor BBBEE scorecard needs
  • 100% beneficiaries from previously disadvantaged groups
  • We are a Level 1 BEE provider.

Flexibility to donor needs

  • Enable donors to customise projects to meet their objectives
  • Provide opportunities for donors to be visible and actively involved
  • Comfortable to make a presentation and hold a conversation around formulating a proposal to suit your requirements.

For more information about the Maths Centre please visit our website: www.mcis.org.za






















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