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Maths Centre is a registered NGO striving to improve the standard of education in South Africa. Our primary objective is to equip teachers, learners and parents with learning materials and programs in order to develop a higher competency and performance in Mathematics, Science, Technology and Entrepreneurship education.

Our trainers are specialists in their specific subject and engage with Principals, Teachers and Students. Each project typically covers 10 schools in a close proximity so that each trainer can cover multiple schools in one day. This approach allows for participants to easily congregate for selected joint-workshops and events. We are a level 1 NGO offering:

  • Accounting and Economics
  • Physical Science & Natural Science 
  • Technology
  • ALL subjects teaching and learning using Information Technology software packages
  • Teacher and learner testing to establish gaps followed by training support
  • Entrepreneurship education for Grades 8-11, out of school youth and informal businesses
  • ECD,  high scope teaching and learning
  • Maths, Science and Technology for engineering,
  • Maths, Science Technology artisans linkages courses in fundamentals for NQF level 4 for out of school youth
  • Grade 12 intensive Matric revision sessions from March until end October - Saturdays and holidays.
  • Skills Development
  • Concrete materials, study guides and text books support
  • Whole school policy development and setting up departments

Each project typically consists of three key components:

1. Sponsor (donor)
The project will typically be named after the donor or organization that is covering the cost of the project, for example: ABSA Maths FET.

2. Target and timeline

The target location is determined: Province, school, and audience. A project typically lasts for 3 years.

3. Programs
Projects consist of either one, or a combination of programs that are put together to achieve the project’s objectives.
Our programs are building blocks for projects and are targeted towards both students and teachers alike. Our aim is to correct, restore and advance both teachers and students through a variety of programmes by utilising a various tools and resources.

Taking an interest in subjects like science, technology, engineering or maths, otherwise known as STEM subjects, is definitely worth it. The skills students learn from studying STEM subjects benefit everyone - and not just for those who are seeking to have a career to become science or maths teachers!

Maths Centre Ethos

To correct, restore, enhance and simplify and learning for maximum impact.

CORRECT: perfecting the overall situation of teacher development, learners are receiving and perceiving maths and science in all dimensions of understanding and not just content Maths. Both teacher and learner focus interventions are administered. Teacher focussed as there is no other sustainability factor if schools are to grow into success.

begin once the correcting process has taken place. The intellectual value of Maths, Science and Technology is restored in our society in order to grow and understand the nature of Science and Maths. Restoration cannot be looked at unless it is understood that both Maths and Science are a ‘contested terrain’ and have years of established tradition.

ENHANCE: learners are exposed to theories, laws, facts, famous mathematicians, scientists and what they did and how they did it, why do we accept their work as we do, the logic of scientific discovery at a basic level, hypothesis, predictions, inferences, etc..


Maths Centre Impact

Since our projects are designed to correct, restore & enhance education for maximum impact, the following are some of the national previous successes on our projects.

  • 1500 teachers qualified with Maths Centre as a learning centre attached to NMMU
  • 40 ECD educators received accreditation
  • 750 000 learners targeted to ensure completion of Grade 12 Maths, Science & Accounting
  • 300 distinctions achieved by Maths Centre alumni learners in 2014
  • 92% pass rate achieved by learners targeted in our 2010-2013 Cell C project
  • 85 schools established as enrichment HUBS of learning
  • R100 million worth of Maths & Science resources supplied to rural and peri- urban schools

Maths Centre 2016 Matric Results


Success stories from some of our previous beneficiaries in their own words:

Andiswa Gqwaru
“Like Martin Luther King I too had a dream and thanks to the generosity of Maths Centre, I will now commence on my journey to becoming a chartered accountant”.

Tebogo Matosha

“Maths Centre has helped me a lot, not only during my Matric year, but towards my future career path. The motivation I got helped me realise the potential I had in order to make a difference around me. Exam tips and effective study skills they introduced us,  empowered me with  a positive attitude to write my final exam with pride”.

Faith Joseph – a teacher at Riverlea Primary School, Gauteng
“Level 4 has helped in developing the learners to be more attentive, engaged and incorporates fun.
It has also helped in better understanding of different subject areas and thus resulting in learners and me being more confident in the knowledge required for the class.
I would like to thank Maths Centre for selecting me to be part of the level 4 programme. Last but not least, thank you to the funders, UBS for making it possible because without your support this would not have been possible. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.”

Moseki Keitumetse – a teacher from Cosmo City Primary School, Gauteng
“Since I have done level 4 with Maths Centre my teaching method has improved a lot. I gained a lot of knowledge and confidence.
I now know how to plan and how to present properly and select the right materials for my group. I can identify children that have a learning challenge and assist them.
I would like to thank Maths Centre for the opportunity and Sarika for always encouraging us to study hard.”

Surprise Radebe
"The project helped me to pass both Mathematics and Physical Science with good symbols. Maths Centre gave me spirit to believe that I can pass with good symbols. I realised my dream of passing Matric came to life when l received my exams results.
I am very grateful to all those who supported me during my high school days. Maths Centre is one of those who had made it possible for me to be an aspiring engineer.”


























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