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Projects / Programs / Services

  1. Worri Monsters – a social development program, with single mothers making Worri Monster dolls that can be used as therapeutic dolls for vulnerable and abused children. Companies can sponsor and donate dolls to organisations.

    The aim is to create Worri Monster pods in communities around the country for employment, social integration and support for single mothers.
  2. Corporate workshops within EWP/EAP initiatives – conflict resolution workshops and information on how to support staff who are single parents and having to access the family court services. The aim is to earn money for the NPC by offering workshops to corporates.
  3. Support groups running nationally for single parents, focusing on empowerment, conflict resolution, communication skills and support for single parent issues. Court buddies program within these support groups.
  4. Facebook group – the original focus of CMDSA. This closed group is helping thousands of people daily with advice and support regarding the legalities of The Maintenance Act and the Children’s Act in order to ensure that parents are working on the best interest of the children when separating or divorcing.

    This advice saves single parents in legal fees, as well as giving support due to the trauma one is faced with within the family court system. The group is managed by a strong team of retired Department of Justice employees, mediators, para-legals and single parents.
  5. Sensitivity Training for staff members of the Department of Justice. The aim is to do sensitivity training so that staff are more able to support members of the public, by making them aware of the trauma that members go through when accessing their services.
  6. Being the watchdog of the family court system – to work hand in hand with the DoJ and the Human Rights Commission to ensure fairness and due process is followed.











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