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  • Workshop feedback – Workshops held in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban in September 2017.

Workshop comments 2017:

"Wow, that session on Saturday that you guys held was more beneficial to me that I have ever imagined"

Amazing meeting you 3 wonderful people doing great things. Great to meet many others unfortunately all in crappy situations. Usefull stories with good examples and things to try that hopefully have positive outcomes for us as they did for you.

Felicity Guest your a great example of how to be strong and stand up for what you / your child deserves and empowering women. Johan your perspectives and quotes are uplifting and refreshing (if not towards the ex (this might take years lol) then towards my kids) Nina i identified with you the most with regards to the type of ex and you gave me new hope and umph to keep going no matter what.
Thank you Felicity, Nina and Johan for an amazing workshop in Durban today! It was wonderful,motivating, inspiring, emotional empowering....
Please come back soon.

Thank you for helping empower us with some valuable information.

And just like that it's over  😢. My head and thoughts are reeling . Feeling less alone , feeling empowered and feeling like I have changes I need to make . Thank you to the three musketeers who sacrificed to come to Durban . Thank you to those who accommodated us.Attended the JNB workshop yesterday, it was great! Thank you guys & keep up the amazing work!
Thank you for a great workshop today!

I found this workshop very helpful and it has really empowered me and inspired me to take action, be pro-active and consider what is in the best interests of the children.

The aspects presented on mediation was very interesting, thank you for this perspective.

Wishing you all success as we support each other to ensure that the justice system improves and works to ensure children receive what they deserve.

Power to us! Thanks for all the support and advice that you all give...

 Thank you all once again! It was great! Informative and empowering!

I want to thank Felicity, Nina and Johan for such a great empowering and informative presentation!! Where there is a will there will always be a way!!

Thank you! It was amazing! My problems turned into minor obstacles after hearing real problems
Thank you for yesterday... You guys are so amazing... I experienced a whole range of emotions whilst listening to you all but I left feeling inspired and more determined not to give up my fight.

Thanks so much to Nina, Felicity and Johan for the workshop yesterday, wish we could record everything to replay, pause and rewind as needed! I know I will benefit from this newlyfound knowledge!

Thank you for your continued effort to help others who are walking the same path that we've been down.
Thank u so much Felicity, Nina & Johan for caring, sharing & giving us your time. We are not alone
Loved the meeting. Feeling refreshed. Big thanks to you guys Felicity Guest, Nina Mensing and Johan Botha

Thank you all for today. I walked away with a decision to make positive changes in the way I deal with my ex husband. Thank you

Just a shout out to Felicity Guest, Nina Mensing and Johan Botha for the huge sacrifices made in order to present the most amazing workshop in Cape Town today. So amazing to hear your stories and see how you have risen above it all and are gaining ground in so many ways. I could have sat the whole day listening to all of you! Johan your cupcake illustration is so powerful and thought provoking. I am buying cupcakes tomorrow to share the illustration with a friend who could not be there today! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Felicity Guest, Nina Mensing and Johan Botha, thank you SO much for a very informative workshop on Saturday. Incredibly inspiring and also a huge eye opener for some of us. Thank you for all the work you do and the help and support you give to each of us on this group


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