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About Us

The Mustadafin Foundation was established in 1986. It emerged during the Apartheid era in response to political unrest and violence that erupted due to faction fighting in Langa, which had devastating effects on the local communities, particularly women and children.

What is the Mustadafin Foundation?

Mustadafin Foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation that works across the Western Cape to uplift destitute communities. Through education, feeding schemes, health care programs, youth interventions and skills development, we empower impoverished people to reach self-sufficiency, self-reliance and independence. We encourage every person to participate in the development of our broader community, standing for dignity for all people.

Our History

Mustadafin Foundation was established in 1986 in response to political unrest and violence in Crossroads, Cape Town which had a devastating effect on the local community, particularly women and children. A group of concerned friends started to provide services such as accommodation, food and clothing, medical care and trauma counseling.

Its growth has been outstanding because of the dedication and support from the Muslim community.
From inception, the Mustadafin Foundation has been successfully involved in supporting development in townships and has extended its services beyond the borders of the Cape whenever Disaster has struck.

Our core functions

Mustadafin sees itself as a servant of the communities in which it operates and bases its core functions on the needs of the oppressed.


  • Establishing of educare centers, administering of bursaries for tertiary study, facilitating adult literacy programs, training preschool teachers, managing Islamic Education centers and more.

Poverty eradication

  • Skills development, feeding schemes, winter warmth project, job creation, and more.


  • Assisting those infected and affected by HIV/Aids, community/home-based care, trauma counseling and healthy living advice.

Community development

  • Youth development and leadership camps, life skills training, awareness campaigns for social responsibility.

Disaster Relief

  • Working in partnership with the City to bring relief to victims of flash floods, fires and other disasters.

Aims and Objectives

  • The promotion of cultural and educational advancement of oppressed, destitute and deprived people in South Africa. 
  • To raise the consciousness of the oppressed, destitute and deprived by providing a forum for discussion on alternatives which encourage critical analysis of society.  To empower the needy, the destitute and the deprived so that they may participate in running their affairs.
  • To facilitate, support and network with other organisations in developing communities to fulfil their needs.







































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