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NICRO’s Vision and Commitment to a Safe South Africa

NICRO believes in reconciliation and healing, building a democratic society, strengthening a human rights culture and creating a safe South Africa in which crime and violence no longer govern. NICRO is committed to ensuring the advancement of a country and communities in which all South Africans are secure and protected, able to access their rights and have opportunities to prosper. To this end the organisation engages in the education of communities, lobbying and advocacy, capacity building, direct service delivery and research. NICRO adheres to the principles of good governance and sound environmental practices.

NICRO is actively committed to respecting the growth, dignity and equality of every South African and to promoting gender equality, focusing especially on those issues that cause crime.

About Us

Established more than a century ago in 1910, NICRO takes pride of place at the forefront of South Africa’s unrelenting search for effective, lasting solutions to combating crime and creating safe, peaceful communities which have been empowered to embrace opportunities to prosper.

One of South Africa’s longest serving and largest indigenous non-profit organisations, NICRO provides comprehensive crime prevention services focussing on the rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders, with a very specific focus on vulnerable youth at risk and young people in conflict with the law. Founded in 1910 as the Prisoner’s Aid Association, NICRO has a rich and unparalleled history in human rights, juvenile justice and criminal justice reform.

NICRO enjoys widespread recognition as the preferred service provider within the criminal justice sector and commands enormous respect for its innovative approach to social crime prevention, its project management skills and the quality and impactful nature of its services. All interventions are geared towards creating conditions in which the opportunities and motivation for committing crime are significantly reduced and ultimately eliminated.

NICRO regards crime as one of the greatest threats to human welfare, social development, economic growth, national prosperity, poverty alleviation efforts and democracy. The organisation boasts a proven and measureable track record of success in its resolute and tireless fight against crime. NICRO tackles crime holistically and effectively, working at every level with individuals, families and communities to reduce and prevent crime by:

  • Mentoring and educating at-risk, disadvantaged and vulnerable youth through specific crime prevention programmes.
  • Diverting child, youth and young adult (mainly first-time) offenders away from the formal criminal justice system into specialist developmental, therapeutic programmes that prevent re-offending.
  • Providing constructive, effective alternatives to imprisonment for those convicted of less serious, non-violent crimes which succeed in teaching, healing and effectively breaking the cycle of crime.
  • Providing education and personal development opportunities for prisoners and former offenders, facilitating their successful rehabilitation and reintegration into society as productive, responsible, law abiding citizens who are an asset, rather than a danger or burden to their communities.
  • Helping families and communities support offenders to turn their lives around and make a fresh, new, and healthy start.
  • Supporting victims and offenders through reconciliation and mediation programmes.






















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