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About Us

The Novalis Ubuntu Institute (NUI) in Wynberg, Western Cape is a non-profit organization that provides Holistic Education programmes for adult learners who practice in disadvantaged communities or in organizations that serve these communities.

The NUI vision is to be a leading change-maker within the Holistic Education Movement and its primary organizational goals are to engage with diverse communities and market its impact within the broader holistic education network. The organization learning culture is developed within the framework of the combined philosophy of Rudolph Steiner and the principles of Ubuntu.

The NUI celebrated its 30th Anniversary in September 2014 where it launched its status as a Services Cooperative. The NUI is also available for venue hire to corporates, government and non-profit organizations.


  • Develop holistic education programmes that promote sustainability, social justice, creativity and peace.
  • Run outreach programmes to adult learners and youth in disadvantaged and vulnerable communities.
  • Support networks that advocate for holistic education, cultural dialogue and sustainable development.
  • Establish strategic partnerships to promote, expand and improve its programmes.
  • Conduct Research on the impact of community and adult education for Policy development.
  • Sustain itself as a service provider through its Services Cooperative Status and Venue hire strategy.

The Novalis Ubuntu Institute was founded in Durban in 1983 by Dr. Ralph T. Shepherd with the purpose of making a creative contribution to the educational, social and cultural challenges of our times.  You can review  the Novalis Ubuntu website for an understanding of our work at the institute. 

Photo Insert :  MD, Anne-Lise Bure receives registration papers for the Novalis Board initiative, developing co-operative services.  A two and a half year waiting period is over - what a great 30th Anniversary gift to the organisation. The Services co-operative will support social entrepreneurial development as well as ensure that the Ralph Shepherd Memorial Trust Fund economically supports the ethos and core sustainability of Novalis Ubuntu Institute.

































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