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Key Programmes

1. The Novalis Ubuntu Institute Adult Education Programme

The NUI Adult Education Programme vision is “Education for Resilience” and consists of five projects.

The projects target adult learners and organizations that work in disadvantaged communities.

The five projects are

  1. Advocacy For The Bright Future
  2. Intergenerational Dialogues
  3. Sustainable Livelihoods and Thriving Communities
  4. The Community Arts Education Project
  5. The Permaculture and Whole Schools Gardening Intervention

2. Sponsorship opportunities 2015

The Novalis Ubuntu Institute is a great match for corporate partners who want to promote adult education, achieve prominent recognition, create exciting client learning opportunities and support their community.

As a dynamic, highly respected non-profit organization, the Novalis Ubuntu Institute is a small and intimate venue (capacity 200 people) and well-positioned to provide access to high profile learning experiences, conferences and workshops, performing arts productions, visual art events, business breakfasts and product launches.

The NUI has designed seven " 30th Anniversary " events for which Sponsorship opportunities are available in 2015.

The events are

NUI Holistic Wellness Day  /  NUI Concerts in the Dome  /  Novalis Intimate Theatre Evenings (NITE)  /  Novalis Solo Art Exhibitions  /  The Novalis Café Conversations  /  Movie And Discussion Events (MADE) at Novalis  /  Novalis 30

For a complete listing of upcoming events please visit our calendar.

Become a member  -  Support a specific major project  -  Create an endowment  -  

( or contact us to explore other opportunities)
Consider making a contribution to Novalis Ubuntu today.



















Business Network

We are like minded business people, who benefit from interacting with people who own their own business or consult for any small business – market traders, consultants, coaches, shop owners, healers, crafters, computer experts, etc.

The Network meets every 3rd Tuesday evening @ 5:30pm to 6pm.  ...   meeting dates

Novalis Conference and Venue Hire

The Novalis Ubuntu Institute is a unique & versatile venue. Incorporating conference, workshop and training rooms as well as live music, theatre and art venue with a  bookshop and café. The Institutes versatile spaces, makes it suitable for a variety of events including conferences, workshops, classes, exhibitions, seminars, talks, functions, concerts, book launches, board meetings, receptions, screenings, musicals, spiritual and creative events. Its central location in the southern suburbs of Cape Town makes it very accessible.

VENUE    -   Workshop / Seminar / Conference / Concert / Theatre / Event

Every time you hire our venue, you’re helping us achieve our mission and supporting the Institute’s (an NGO) humanitarian programs. You indirectly support our outreach activities reaching 2000 participants annually – mostly adults who are working with children.
Venue Hire RATES 2015    -  Contact Us


Complete a separate form for each different Event / Workshop / or Course
Please consult with your facilitator to fill in the form and give them a copy along with a copy of the signed guidelines
Venue Booking Form   -  Contact Us


NOTICE: Please ensure that you have read the conditions carefully, have called 021 797 1857 to confirm availability of the venue and that you have made a provisional booking.  This contract is only valid for the year it was signed (January to December).
Venue Hire Application Form   -  Contact Us




















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