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About Us

Reliance produces 100% Certified Organic Compost, and is proud to have played a critical role in creating sustainable environments through composting organic waste.

As one of only a few South African carbon neutral businesses, Reliance has had its composting technology approved as a Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction method, and is internationally recognized for its contribution to the green economy.  Over the years the Reliance composting method prevented over 950 000 tons of carbon dioxide gas escaping into the atmosphere with the diversion of more than 13 million cubic meters of garden refuse in the Western Cape.

The company’s mission is to Grow Greener Generations, and it does this by getting involved in the community, through sponsorships, tree-planting projects and developing communal food gardens. No surprise either that much of the company’s income is ploughed back into the community to build sustainable environments.






















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