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Image: Rape Crisis - Supporting Recovery At Rape Crisis we want to encourage rape survivors to speak out about their experience, so that their psychological healing may begin

We do this through both telephone and face-to-face counseling which is offered free of charge to survivors and their families. Our trained counsellors support survivors along the path to recovery.

What is a Feminist leader?

We all know that women’s rights are under threat in South Africa because of violence, poverty and inequality. South Africa needs leadership that encourages individual women to work at understanding and shifting the oppressive power dynamics that keep harmful and oppressive systems in place.   Read More...

Image: Only 8% of reported rapes result in conviction Justice System Set to Improve with Donation from 1st For Women will contribute to the Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust’s advocacy work

A 2017 report titled Rape Justice in South Africa, by the Medical Research Council on behalf of the National Prosecuting Authority, revealed that only 8% of reported rapes result in conviction while the 2016/17 Crime Statistics published by the South African Police Service showed 49 960 reported sexual offences.   Read More...

Image: Working towards making sexual offences courts a reality The RSJC ‘big idea’ is that South Africa can reduce the number of rapes committed by increasing the conviction rates of these crimes.

The RSJC ‘big idea’ is that South Africa can reduce the number of rapes committed by increasing the conviction rates of these crimes and achieving stronger sentences for perpetrators. We believe that this goal can be achieved through the planned rollout of specialised sexual offences courts, which is why we advocate to hold our government accountable to the rollout of these courts. We believe that these specialised sexual offences courts are the key to restoring faith in the criminal justice system by decreasing the secondary victimisation of rape survivors, and in so doing increasing conviction rates for rape.   Read More...

Image: 16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM - WE NEED YOUR HELP to make them count! During the next 16 days, over 400 people will be sexually assaulted.
In fact, rape is the leading cause of post traumatic stress related symptoms, over and above all other types of violence. Most of the victims will have children, brothers and sisters, parents, even partners who will also be traumatised by the attack on their loved one.   Read More...

Image: Creating a Safe Space Working together to prevent sexual violence and create safe spaces in our homes, workplaces, communities and minds.

What is workplace sexual harassment? Sexual harassment in the workplace is unwelcome or unwanted attention of a sexual or romantic nature from someone at work, that causes discomfort, humiliation, offence or distress, and / or interferes with the job. This includes all such actions and practices of a sexual nature by a person or a group of people directed at one or more workers.   Read More...













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