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About Us

SARDA, SA Riding for the Disabled Association, offers FREE therapeutic riding lessons to children and adults living with physical and learning disabilities.  Riding for the Disabled is an international organisation. 

SARDA Cape Town is a registered non-profit organisation situated in Constantia. SARDA’s aim is to provide the opportunity of therapeutic and recreational riding to people living with disabilities so that they might benefit in all aspects of the mental, physical and social lives.

This specialized service cannot be provided by just any riding school or riding instructor.  The instructor has to pass several practical and written examinations on Therapeutic Riding Instruction and Horsemastership. Fun and recreation are important components of the lessons at SARDA and each pupil is taught to ride to the best of his or her individual ability.

In gaining a basic knowledge of all the disabilities that SARDA regularly encounters in its pupils, and working in co-operation with physiotherapists, doctors and remedial teachers, SARDA instructors derive maximum therapeutic benefit from their lessons.  SARDA instructors therefore have the opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of each of their pupils, and, by this, their immediate communities.

SARDA exists as a result of teamwork. Instructors, helpers, therapists, grooms, committee members and horses all play an important role in keeping the organisation operating successfully. 


Except for a handful of staff members, all instructors, committee members, side walkers and leaders offer their services and expertise on a voluntary basis to ensure that all 180 riders who hail from all the diverse communities of the greater City of Cape Town benefit from their work.

SARDA strives to turn no-one away that they can help through their free therapeutic riding lessons – within their capacity of horses, space and helpers.



























































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