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SARDA Cape Town offers their free therapeutic horse riding lessons during the school term from Mondays to Fridays in the mornings and afternoons.

The organisation works in conjunction with 13 Special Needs Schools from the wider Cape Town Area,  Alpha, Tembaletu, Vista Nova, Blouvlei, Filia, Bel Porto, St Josephs, Mary Harding, Vera, Astra, Glenbridge, Eros and Molenbeek, who bring their pupils to SARDA for their therapeutic horse rides once a week.

In addition, SARDA offers their special lessons to children and adults living with disabilities to special organisation such as Includid and individual pupils.

In addition to that, SARDA offers a special lesson to riders who are assisted by SHAWCO physiotherapy and occupational therapy students, offering them exposure to alternative forms of therapy.

SARDA hosts international volunteers of all ages who live both on and off site to help in their weekly lesson programmes. This interaction encourages the exposure and exchange of different cultures with the one aim in mind:   to assist children and adults living with disabilities through horse riding lessons.

There are more than 120 local volunteers on SARDA’s books who dedicate their time and expertise to the lessons every week. The riding pupils not only benefit physically, but also socially from these relationships.

SARDA Cape Town offers a special RDA based training course for aspirant therapeutic riding instructors.  This branch is the only one in Southern Africa that enables therapeutic riding instructor’s examinations to be assessed.











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