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There are numerous ways you can get involved with The Sunflower Fund. You have the power to help — by registering to be a donor, volunteering, speaking out and donating. The work we do is fuelled by your support.

Every year hundreds of South Africans of all ages and races are diagnosed with diseases such as leukaemia, aplastic anaemia or some rare genetic disorders. At times their only hope of survival is a blood stem cell transplant from a donor who shares the same tissue type. Without this transplant, it would mean certain death. It all depends on the selflessness of ordinary people like you … YOU could be the MATCH for someone with leukaemia or other life threatening blood disorders.

Every healthy person between 18 and 45 can be a donor. Although family members, particularly brothers and sisters are generally most suitable, only a small percentage of patients have a compatible sibling match. About 75 % will have to search for an unrelated matched donor – and this is why we need YOU!

If you are not able to be a donor, please support The Sunflower Fund’s work in one of the following ways:

  • Make an online cash donation
  • Become a monthly funder of our work, this may be an amount of your choice
  • Host a fundraising event on behalf of The Sunflower Fund
  • SMS ‘Sunflower’ to 40555 and donate R20 to The Sunflower Fund
  • Donate with your SmartShopper and MySchool cards (link to websites)
  • Volunteer to assist with our regular fundraising events and donor drives
  • Support our campaigns and events
  • Consider leaving a bequest to The Sunflower Fund in your Will
  • Assist the Fund on social media. By simply “liking” and “sharing” a post on Facebook or Twitter can be enormously beneficial and this broadens the reach to potential donors, funders and collaborations.

Hope begins with you!

The Sunflower Fund is registered as follows:

Non-Profit Organisation: 020-728-NPO
Public Benefit Organisation (18A): 18/11/13/158
NPC 2000/008979/08    Date: 17/05/2000
VAT registration number: 4350 236 958
BEE level 4
Mazars  -  Registered Auditors


ABSA Bank Ltd.
The Sunflower Fund
Account Number: 4051 834 719
Branch Code: 632005 Tokai



























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