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PROJECT APPEAL :  Drakenstein MEP Class of 2015

Programmes / Projects

In Prisons :

We have a primary focus on youth offenders as we seek to break the cycle of poverty- crime-prison. This is accomplished through providing long-term, focused intervention in the lives of young offenders. In 2014 we initiated our Job Readiness and Life Skills course in Drakenstein Prison. In 2015 we will begin the Message Entrepreneurship Programme (MEP) which will provide intensive training and development for young men in prison. Our Aftercare department provide the support and through-care necessary to help re-integrate prisoners into society upon their release.



In Enterprise :

We believe that true discipleship equips young people for all of life. We believe God has made men and women to enjoy fulfilling work and in this way contribute to a flourishing society. The Message Leadership and Enterprise (L&E) Centre will not only create employment, but will seek to train entrepreneurs and release them into community-based micro-enterprises. In 2014 we developed and launched our business brand “Gangstar Enterprises”. We also employed our first ex-offenders in The Soft Machine, an existing micro-enterprise that we have taken operational responsibility for. We are also currently pursuing premises that will serve as the long-term base as our Leadership and Enterprise Centre.



In Community :

Our approach to community transformation is called Eden and is focused on the toughest urban neighbourhoods. In partnership with local churches, our teams are committed long-term and their key distinctive is that they live at the heart of the communities they serve. Our first Eden Team, in partnership with Jubilee Community Church, was recruited in mobilised into Salt River during 2014. We are working with three further churches in a pre-Eden phase of community engagement that we trust will lead to Eden Teams being panted in the near future.





Through Creative Mission :

The Message Trust is a Gospel Centered organisation. In order to keep mission at the core of all our activities, we are developing mission teams who will serve alongside our other ministry areas. In 2014 we recruited our first mission band who will be going to the UK for 6 months training at the Message Academy. Following their training they will return to serve in South Africa, primarily focusing on working in schools and with young people in underprivileged communities”. Additionally, we are looking at developing sports, performing arts, and other mission teams that will enable us to present the Gospel to young people in relevant and effective ways.





The exciting element to this strategy is where these four elements intersect. We believe that facilitates a dynamic discipleship environment that will result in developing young South African leaders who will become ‘Urban Heroes’ – equipped to effectively serve God as agents of community transformation.




































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