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Service relevant to CSI/Social Development Sector

a. Ongoing/current projects

The community project at Siyakhana Gardens, situated in Bezuidenhoudt Park, Johannesburg – supported by University of Johannesburg (Prof Michael Rudolph) - is an ongoing relationship.

Also ongoing are the interactions with the communities of Refilwe Manor and Phumzela Park; Cullinan District, Tshwane – based on a multi-faceted vision for self-reliance; the Zerho Toilet is regarded as the ‘loss leader’ to this end.

b. Sustainable/transformative initiatives

Operating in Cooperatives offers communities the (legal, registered business) voice to local municipalities; collaborating towards providing and implementation of crucial basic services.

With the cooperativised community directly involved in the Zerho Toilet installations and support, monitoring of the users of the Zerho is more effective; while creating entrepreneurial opportunities in every flow of activity.

Each installation and monitored project will allow for development opportunities; building a growing awareness and confidence in the Zerho product.

c. Other development we are involved with

Implementation of a community-supported structure; in collaboration with Local Government – potentially impacting positively on all service delivery aspects and job creation.

d. PRICING :     R 9 500.00 per unit (ex vat)  ex works Pretoria at this stage

                        ( Cost excludes shipping - arrangements to be discussed.)



Project Overview and Background

Having accessed CRI (Corporate Responsibility Initiative)-backed funding of R90 000, FIVE x Zerho Toilet units (at R18 000 each – fully installed) were implemented at Phumzela Park, Rayton, Gauteng Province at the end of December 2014.

The installation included the Zerho Toilet and urinal with fittings for urine diversion, bricks for the floor and a steel top structure that doubles as a ‘bathroom’.

The Phumzela Park Committee nominated the five recipient households for Phase One; while communicating the Intent of the Project to everyone.

Guidance, from a minimal-interference perspective, was applied; giving the community members who wanted to get involved, the opportunity to do so.

The Phumzela Zerho Project members will be guided to expand their Phumzela Park Community Co-operative, creating continuity and opening up avenues for further CRI- and other contributions towards Phase Two for (sanitation and other) sustainable projects.

Site visits by Government and other interested parties will be hosted in collaboration with the Phumzela Committee, from early January 2015 onwards.

Primary Project Members

  • Project Manager: Janice Whitehead 072 819 2060
  • SG Co-ordinator: Danny van Boxel 082 581 2145
  • SG Co-ordinator: James Fehrsen 082 089 3054
  • Community Installation Coordinator: Joseph Meoba 083 944 2460
  • Phumzela Safety & Security: Klaas Mabuse 076 813 1600

Summary of Actions and Results

1. Top Structure: After viewing the chosen top structures on 11 November, a sample Zerho unit was delivered on 13 November 2014 in order to facilitate the custom design. Due to supplier delays, the five units for this project were only delivered late afternoon on 18 December 2014.

2. Installation: Joseph Meoba volunteered and effectively actioned the installations with the
guidance of the Project Management Team and support of the Committee (Klaas Mabuse).

3. Site inspection: On 26 December, JW accompanied by James Fehrsen (Director: SG), visited the site to view the completed installations and interacted with a few of the recipients.

4. Community Involvement: Thanks to the enthusiastic support of the Phumzela Committee members – especially Mr Mabuse and Mr Meoba – who successfully affected the entire installation process and community interaction.

Site visit on 26 December 2014

Intention with Phumzela Community and Further Zerho Toilet Rollout

  1. Each Phase One recipient household has agreed to become a member of Phumzela Community Co-op. There is no limit to who becomes a member and does contributions – guided by the Community’s ‘common bond’ agreement.
  2. These contributions may be used to further the community interest; i.e. buying more toilets.
  3. The formation of a co-operative (also known as a ‘stokvel’ or ‘society’) creates the ‘ownership-factor’ for the Zerho toilet a household is gifted with - among other benefits, which these members are already familiar with.
  4. With the community being in a registered cooperative, they have the opportunity to apply for funding on behalf of their own community; supported by the transparent procedure and admin support structure offered by Sleeping Giant Cooperative.


Notwithstanding hiccups and delays, I believe Phase One of the Phumzela Community Project is successful; and happily the deadline of ‘before Christmas’ was met.

For both Zerho Waste Management Pty Ltd and the SG Cooperative, this project is the first of many Community Initiatives that will continue to add value to lives on many levels.

We’re looking forward to ongoing collaboration with Business Corporates to this end – specifically addressing Sanitation in informal communities.

For more information please contact me on:

072 819 2060   or   janice@zerho.co.za    to discuss your possible involvement and contribution.
Site visits can be arranged by prior appointment.
Janice Whitehead
Sleeping Giant Sanitation Division
Mobile: +27 72 819 2060
Email: janice@zerho.co.za

Changes to the structure is being planned to specifically accommodate smaller spaces.































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