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Highlighted Successes

a. Success factors of projects

The ‘soft issues’ are key – like ownership. Box-dropping is not an option.

Communication, collaboration and buy-in by the greater recipient community, will largely determine the success of a project. People first. The rest will follow. Simple, but not always easy.

b. Support requirements (Donations / Funding / Support)

We believe that partnering with recipient communities, corporate companies, like-minded organisations - with the directed focus these actions will create; we will go a long way towards realising a sustainable market for the Zerho Toilet - in South Africa and internationally.

  • Short term: Commissioning an additional two (2) sets of moulds. Cost implication: R1.2M
  • Longer term: Implementation of decentralised manufacturing sites; skilling the communities they serve. Cost estimation: R4-5M


































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