Change-Maker. Yes, I’m talking to you! heard the talks in the corridors, and see the rave reviews. We want to acknowledge you, showcase your contribution in making the lives of the people around you, a whole lot easier

All Change Makers
James Fernie
Uthando (Love) South Africa

James Fernie is a passionate social entrepreneur and founding Director of the responsible tourism initiative and unique model of traveling philanthropy Uthando (Love) South Africa, established by James in 2007.

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Jessica Dewhurst
The Justice Desk

Jessica is the founder and driving force behind the successful international Human Rights NPO: The Justice Desk. She is a passionate and proud South African who believes in the power of every day activism and inspires everyone she meets to join the pursuit of justice in order to become an advocate for change!

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I am solving the unemployment crisis. I am an International speaker, trainer and consultant on Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

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Dr. Rob Stead

I am a Scientist/Academic by background who in the 1970’s began to question the way in which we ‘do’ education and training.

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Tozie Zokufa
Animal welfare consultant

Tozie Zokufa is a recognized animal welfare consultant, working nationally, regionally, and internationally, mainly in the field of farm animals.

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