Change-Maker. Yes, I’m talking to you! heard the talks in the corridors, and see the rave reviews. We want to acknowledge you, showcase your contribution in making the lives of the people around you, a whole lot easier

All Change Makers
Colleen Brookes-Gain
Western Cape Street Children's Forum: WCSCF

Equipping young children, tweens, teens, young adults & lately very senior citizens- with life-skills and coping mechanisms. More so those who had gone through unaddressed trauma /or suffering trauma.

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Melanie Daniels
Uniq Foundation

Melanie Daniels is a professional Fundraising Specialist. Melanie brings a wealth of experience to this role, having worked for over 18 years as a fundraiser for various Non Profit organisations, just to mention the most recent Uniq Foundation, Tygerberg Hospital Children's Trust and Cape Town Opera.

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Cleo Jacobs
Beauty Behind Bars South Africa

Beauty Behind Bars South Africa a non-profit organisation that gives hope and encouragement to women living behind bars since 2016.

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Dr Ingrid Ahlert
The Learning Initiative (TLI)

The Learning Initiative (TLI), a non-profit organisation that focuses on providing professional services to marginalised communities.

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Cheryl Harper
Founder - We Can Change Our World

Through collaboration, networking, connecting and communicating, we must all work together for the “Greater Good” of all the people in South Africa, Africa---and the world!

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