About us

About Us

The Answer Series (est. 1975) is a Cape Town-based family business with a big heart and a huge passion for education and for South Africa.

We publish and produce quality study guides from concept to delivery, and boast great results.

Our books cater for the full range of academic ability and are created in a clear and user-friendly style. They are both comprehensive and exam-focussed.

Our authors are all teachers who are experts in their field and have extensive experience. They write with insight, and a thorough understanding of the curriculum and learners’ needs. Our books are the medium by which these experts can reach many learners and teachers, including those in remote corners.

Our company vision is to be the first-choice provider of Grade 8 to 12 educational support material for learners and teachers, the best key to exam success in basic education in South Africa.

Our objective is to be a partner in changing the lives of thousands of South Africans by improving the quality of their educational resources.

Our market comprises learners, parents, teachers, schools, bookshops, education districts, teacher training, tutors, Provincial Education Departments, winter-school courses, supplementary exam courses, outreach programmes, etc.

Our B-BBEE status is currently rated as Level 1 and our B-BBEE procurement recognition level is 135%.

The hallmark of our material is that it is the best of the latest in education, constantly being adapted to meet the needs of both learners and teachers, and reflecting all curriculum developments.

Our material aims to:

  • provide essential subject foundation and development,
  • allow learners to work independently, thereby enabling educators to cope with large classes,
  • provide exam technique and experience, and
  • empower learners throughout South Africa to reach their potential.

The essence of our study guides is that the content is meticulously researched and carefully structured and presented, developing and reinforcing concepts in accessible language.

This instils confidence in the learner, who is then motivated to keep taking the next step.







We run two types of community projects aligned with our vision – “Project Jika” and “Pass Rate Challenge”

“Project Jika”

Project Jika, ‘jika’ meaning ‘change’, involves funding a school with our study guides for Grades 10 to 12. This intervention has brought about incredible shifts in participating schools’ overall pass rates. 

We, The Answer Series, initiated our first ‘Jikas’ in 2010 and 2011:

In conjunction with the provincial DOEs, we identified two rural under-performing schools to be a part of this initiative. We donated FET (Grade 10 to 12) study guides to these two schools on an annual basis for 3 years.

By 2012 their matric pass rates had rocketed to 84% and 97%, well above the national pass-rate average of 75%.

The success of our intervention in helping these two schools speaks for itself.

See the dramatic results illustrated below…

Matric pass rates at Reuben Ntuli Secondary School BEFORE and AFTER The ANSWER Series 'Jika'

Matric pass rates at Shayandima Secondary School BEFORE and AFTER The ANSWER Series 'Jika'

During the FET curriculum transition (2012 to 2014) we focussed on filling our stable with correct and up-to-date material. We started our current Jika using our CAPS study guides in 2015 with Dikwena Senior Secondary School in the Free State. They have received our study guides across the majority of subjects for their Grade 10s, 11s and 12s. We look forward to witnessing success with this first Jika for the ‘new’ CAPS curriculum, as we did with the Jika initiatives for the ‘old’ NCS curriculum.

“Pass Rate Challenge”

The Pass Rate Challenge – www.passratechallenge.co.za – was launched as a crowd-funding campaign in 2015. The aim of this project was to supply Grade 9 Mathematics study guides to as many learners in the country as possible with the specific focus of improving the national average Mathematics mark of South Africa’s Grade 9s, which was 10,8 % in 2014.
(Only 3% of these learners achieved more than 50 % in the national Grade 9 Mathematics exam.)

Sponsored by donors, over 4 000 Grade 9 Mathematics study guides were supplied and delivered to participating under-performing schools with the aim of improving their pass rates in Mathematics, and the quality of their Grade 9 Maths results.

Here are some of the results achieved at the end of 2015 by these schools, despite most learners only receiving their books after the middle of 2015. The pie charts show some significant increases in pass rates and the bar graphs show an improvement in the quality of passes, i.e. fewer non-achievers (0% – 29%) and a wider spread of results (including an increase in the number of learners achieving over 60%).

Pass Rate Challenge results from our top 3 most-improved schools

Khothatso Intermediate School

Khothatso experienced a Mathematics pass rate increase from 22% to 59% from its Grade 8: 2014 results to its Grade 9: 2015 results, i.e. the same cohort of learners.

Albert Myburgh Senior Secondary School
Albert Myburgh experienced a Mathematics Pass Rate increase from 35% to 63% from it's Grade 8: 2014 results to it's Grade 9: 2015 results, i.e. the same cohort of learners.

Diazville Senior Secondary School
Diazville experienced a Grade 9 Mathematics Pass Rate increase from 22% to 54% from it's Grade 9: 2014 results to it's Grade 9: 2015 results, i.e. successive cohorts of learners.