About US

We have served the non profit sector for over 20 years, helping organisations to build financial health and sustainability so resources can be used more effectively in making a real difference.


Our experience shows us that non profits are more effective when they are financially healthy, well managed and based on a strong ethical foundation.

Our values are faith-based with a strong commitment to integrity and service. Our rigour and integrity is balanced by our passion for people, development and making a real difference.



About Us


The CMDS team is led by Chartered Accountants and includes accountants, bookkeepers and support staff and is linked with a network of other professionals.

CMDS offers support that is built on:


1.Professional and supportive mentoring and consulting that draws on over 20 years of specialist knowledge and on our collective skills in reporting to management, funders and other stakeholders.

2.People-centred systems for putting finances in good order and keeping them that way.

3.Extensive experience in facilitating training specifically tailored to the needs of non profits.  

CMDS is a registered practice with SAICA and, as such, acts as accounting officers for organisations that choose not to have an independent audit.




Services CMDS offers to funders

Funders increasingly require assurance that the work they support is effective and sustainable. 

This requires a great deal of expertise and knowledge and many funders have found CMDS's support invaluable as we can:

  • Assess the financial management capacity and  health of current and prospective partner organisations.
  • Provide capacity building and training to the staff of funding organisations with regard to budgets, financial statements and other financial reports.
  • Carry out independent monitoring and review on a once-off or ongoing basis.
  • Support partner organisations to improve governance and reporting through mentoring and training. Provide tools for the effective financial monitoring of organisations.





CMDS consultants have specialist NPO experience to be able to advise and support NON PROFIT ORGANISATIONS and their FUNDERS.


We recognise that each organisation has its own unique needs and that those needs will probably change over time.



CMDS uses simple, people-centred models that really work to help non profits put in place the systems and strategies needed to achieve and maintain financial health and fitness.CMDS could save non profits thousands of rands, days of effort and a lot of stress.  We will work with non-profit to build financial health, fitness and sustainability.



Attracting new funders and keeping existing ones is always a challenge for any NPO. CMDS services cover the following, which provide support with essential elements of good governance, financial management and reporting and on-going funder relationships.

CMDS provides the following services specifically to non profits and to funders:

  • Financial management support – planning, budgeting, reporting & monitoring.
  • Simple, effective accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and financial management systems advice and support.
  • Preparation and review of annual financial statements.
  • Advice regarding tax compliance and exemptions.
  • Support in building financial sustainability.
  • Bookkeeping & outsourced payroll services.
  • Systems reviews & interventions – investigations, internal audit, risk management.
  • Training & mentoring on a range of financial management topics.
  • Finance staff screening & assessment.