About Us

About Us

MAMAS Alliance is a network of 28- independent autonomous grassroots organisations. We work in predominantly remote, rural, semi-urban and urban areas in South Africa providing structural and practical daily care to the most vulnerable and needy citizens of our country: children.

This grassroots level network of MAMA POWER has been created among organisations receiving support from Children’s Fund MAMAS, an NPO based in the Netherlands which raises funds for childcare organisations in South Africa.

During  the Children’s Fund MAMAS Bi-Annual SHARE Conference in 2014, these organisations unanimously agreed to come together and form an Alliance in order to achieve a combined impact through a combined effort. This resulted in the founding of MAMAS Alliance, a voluntary coalition of autonomous reputable grassroots NPOs in childcare.

The CSI Agency of MAMAS Alliance: 


We are a CSI agency, facilitating Corporate Social Investment (CSI) and Socio-Economic Development (SED) initiatives across South Africa. We are completely different in the following five ways:


1.  A unique alliance of 28 NGO's. We are a professional CSI Agency currently providing service and representation to 28 autonomous, leading and compliant NGOs all across South Africa:

  • All NGOs focus on socio-economic development of impoverished communities.
  • Though these NGOs are all different in approach and method, their focus is helping families and communities by supporting children and youth.
  • Their concept is always community based care, both in rural and urban areas.
  • Their service areas represent the broadest possible range of care and education, including early childhood development, skills development, after school care, care for orphaned and vulnerable children, nutritional programs, computer education, sports, residential care for children with disabilities and homeless children etc.
  • All-in-all these NGOs together reach over 80,000 children with practical, daily care.
  • All our Partner NGOs work in the heart of what CSI is meant for: structural and well thought-out socio-economic development.


2.  We are a Non-Profit Company. So we offer our services at no cost, taking no fees or commission. Every cent you donate to or invest in our partners reaches the intended beneficiaries, because we are fully funded by an international organisation that believes in the importance of CSI in South Africa*.


3.  We offer a broad portfolio of 400 pre-selected high quality projects all over South Africa, run by 28 leading, reputable and compliant NGOs, with a range of project choices that will tie in with your company’s vision, values and culture. We are confident that we will find a project that you will be eager to invest in.


4.  We unburden your company (at no cost) by providing all CSI administrative functions and all documentation necessary to claim your tax rebates, B-BBEE Scorecard points, reporting in your annual report etc.


5.  We developed a 30 Minute Concept that we can present to the right CSI decision maker within your company over the phone or in person. This exercise will enable us to send you a concrete proposal within one week on-
      (a) projects to invest in that fully fit your policy, for you to choose from, and
      (b) the unburdening value we can add free of charge.

* Our services are free, because Children's Fund MAMAS from the Netherlands fully finances us. They have co-funded South African NGOs for 15 years now.      See     www.childrensfundmamas.com


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MAMAS Alliance partners are brought together by a common vision: to offer daily care to thousands of children in South Africa. Through education, food, clothing, protection, medical care, sports, games and a lot of love and care, the MAMAS give the children a better future.
The MAMAS Alliance partners are spread throughout South Africa, often in the most remote areas. Each of these organisations is an initiative of local people (MAMAS) and each one is different in size, structure and approach to suit its own context.



All MAMAS Alliance partners have the following in common :


    1. A reputable board;

    2. Sound managements systems;

    3. Audited financial statements;

     4. Compliant with tax returns;

     5. Effective reporting systems;

     6. Well-structured and practical service packages.








The shared and leading principle of the Alliance is that every child in South Africa reaches its full potential, regardless of its vulnerability, through early intervention and long term support throughout its childhood.

Over 60% of South Africa’s children have to survive and grow on very little. They are trapped in the prison of poverty, as Madiba used to say. More than 40% of our children literally have nothing and hardly stand a chance to a fair and positive future unless we lend them a helping hand with safety, healthy nutrition, support in education, medical care, sporting opportunities, stimulating communities and all the love and care every child needs. Why? Because all children are our children.





We believe in:

      1. The best interest of the child as an unconditional choice;

       2. The crucial care and leadership of the MAMAS: for they know and understand best what our children need;

       3. The power of grassroots change and development, based on community ownership;

       4. Continuous and sustainable childcare based on long term commitments which create consistency in the life of children;

       5. Non-prescriptive collaboration with and between the Alliance partners;

       6. The power, loyalty, common sense and creativity of ordinary people;

        7. Sharing and caring.




he dream of the MAMAS Alliance is:

  • To ensure that the ever growing number of vulnerable children and youth in the care of the MAMAS will be able to reach their full potential;
  • To create a strong voice in the country from the organisations serving at grassroots levels, through its unwavering focus on the daily care and support;
  • To achieve full recognition of the effectiveness and crucial value of grassroots, community-driven childcare initiatives;
  • To enable our children to break the cycle of poverty;
  • To achieve real and sustainable change through supporting a network of MAMAS across the country that reaches out to the millions of children who would otherwise face futureless life circumstances.


How does the MAMAS Alliance work/operate?

  • All members of MAMAS Alliance are partners/beneficiaries supported and co-funded by Children’s Fund MAMAS in the Netherlands;
  • Each partner voluntarily joins the Alliance by invitation from Children’s Fund MAMAS;
  • By joining the Alliance, organisations express their eagerness to SHARE ideas, concepts, experiences, innovations and energy;
  • Even though all organisations are different in size, location, target group and concept, the organisations all bear a common vision of saving children from futureless situations.



The role and intention of Children’s Fund MAMAS

  • To fund the collective effort of all MAMAS (and fortunately some great PAPAS) involved in building this Alliance;
  • To fund and support the Secretariat, enabling it to provide its services free of charge;
  • To create sustainable supporting and funding relationships directly between businesses and NPOs in the most professional and unburdening way for all parties involved, all free of charge;
  • To develop this as a logical strategy to fulfil the mission of empowering the MAMAS of South Africa to save as many children as they possibly can, with solid organisations and sustainable funding;
  • Thereby contributing to the development of a strong grassroots movement of MAMAS that gives hope and a future to tens of thousands of vulnerable children in impoverished communities.