About Us

About Us

We believe that, as veterans of the industry, it is our duty to repay in a significant way towards the future of our industry.

The OFyt Trust, created at inception, will hold 26% of the equity of OFyt in perpetuity. This equity will be used to educate, uplift, skill and support young, historically disadvantaged talent for our industry, on an ongoing basis. We aim to make a real and significant
difference to our industry.

We intend to operate at a Level 1 BEE rating at all times - to our knowledge a first for the South African advertising industry.

In this way, OFyt is a business of today and tomorrow.



OFyt is South Africa’s newest communications company. OFyt, simply put, is an unique union of almost 100 years of advertising and marketing experience in the form of three seasoned professionals (three old friends) combined with loads of enthusiastic, young talent drawn primarily from historically disadvantaged backgrounds.

All the ingredients, we believe, to produce fresh, involving, original and indigenous South African work.




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We will have the experience and ability to integrate in a fashion that has not previously been readily available in SA.

STRATEGIC partnerships

We have forged a number of strategic partnerships with best-of-breed players in specific communication disciplines. This means that, besides our own capabilities, we can draw on a fabulous repository of talent specifically designed to answer any brief that may come our way. In all cases our partners are independent and owneroperated, as it is our experience that thebest people tend to be in business for themselves.

OFyt can project-manage any combination of our and their talents in a fully integrated and seamless fashion.

They’ll help us, sometimes, work with our young talent to make magic.

FRIENDS of old friends

Friends we’ve worked with, friends we’ve worked for, friends we’ve envied for their talent, friends we’ve pitched against, friends we’ve competed fiercely with. These friends of ours, based both here and around the world, are ready and willing to be friends of yours.


Young Talent - They come from design schools, ad schools, technikons and universities. They live in the townships, the city and the suburbs.

They’re our creative pool – and more.

They’re also an insight factory, tasked to gather intelligence and insights where they live, among their pals, peers and neighbours.