About Us

PM4Africa are first and foremost specialists in the field of Project Management. We have been operating since 2010.


PM4Africa’s primary role is that of Implementing Partner - an Implementing Partner is an NGO to which CSI Business Units award funds to implement a project or a programme.


PM4Africa works with corporate clients through their corporate social investment business units.


About Us

PM4Africa believes that empowerment of the previously disadvantaged can lead to the reduction of poverty in Africa. Teaching Project Management as a Life Skill is an effective method for enabling empowerment. PM4Africa further believes that project based learning is the best method to teach project management as a life skill



The mission is to significantly increase the awareness of the importance of project management as a life skill by means of transferring skill to project participants of community based projects in previously disadvantaged areas.

This will ensure that individuals and communities are more likely to take control of their own futures rather than depending on government to sustain them.


Our vision

Meaningful employment for anyone willing to work




Projects where we served as implementing partner include:

1. Inkwenkwezi Secondary School Library

2. Dunoon Primary School Library

3. Dunoon Primary School Sports Field

4. Capacity Building with a Home based Care NGO


Project Value

          -    Large expense of the project

          -    Initial project scoping and initiation




As an "Implementing Partner" our organisation provides the following services

  • Design project approach and identify activities to achieve a project result.
  • Contribute to achievement of goals, objectives and results that are expected by the CSI Business Unit. These are usually expressed in terms of social value and business value expected.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation. 

                 1.  Assist the CSI Business Unit with the evaluation of their CSI portfolio to ensure that all projects support the CSI strategy.

                 2.  The Implementing Partner normally finalizes the following :    

PROJECT WORK PLANS  – an agreement between the CSI business unit and the implementing partner on the activities that will be performed on the project, the schedule and budget, along with the roles and responsibilities during the implementation.


MONITORING PLANS  – This is the plan for tracking progress towards the end result of the project. Computer based scheduling software is our tool of choice for this purpose.


COMMUNICATIONS AND ENGAGEMENT PLANS  – The plan for the project to contribute to the CSI business unit communication strategy.



PROJECT EVALUATION PLANS  - The plan for assessing the impact of the project and capturing

lessons learned.