About Us

About Us

ON-QUE Training and Development Consultants:

On - Que is a company that was established in 1995 by Timothy R Hebblewhite who has worked in the AIDS field since 1985.Timothy is a qualified human resource practitioner who is based in Cape Town and  provides HIV and AIDS training and  development to the corporate and retail sectors as well as Non-Government  and Non Profit Organisations and communities in South Africa and beyond. 

Timothy has also been recognised by Madison’s Who’s Who as ‘’having demonstrated exemplary achievement and distinguished contributions to the international business community’ Timothy has now also become an accredited facilitator to the MMI Foundation for their Live The Future intervention.


Timothy R Hebblewhite  (Dip PM TFM)



Timothy has been in the HIV and AIDS field for close to 3 decades and has built up a wealth of expertise within the AIDS arena. His skills set is in taking complex information and distilling it into a practical and useable format that is easy to absorb as well as logical to implement. His style of training is interactive and humorous, yet the message he conveys is always brought across. His personal philosophy is to have the correct intent and will always strive to do the right thing for the right reason. He has provided training and education across South Africa and has also done development work in Botswana and Lesotho as well as Zimbabwe. As part of the company’s social investment, Timothy makes sure that training is provided within communities that are in need, yet do not have the funds to pay for said services. The legacy of On-Que is to allow individuals to make informed choices so as to remain HIV negative or extend their life expectancy if they are HIV positive.


Anita Du Toit  (BA Honns (Econ), PDHIV/AIDS Management)

Anita Du Toit, who has a honors degree in Economics, has professional qualifications in Insurance and Risk Management and completed the Postgraduate Diploma in HIV and AIDS Management. Anita, has also worked in the HIV and AIDS field for more than a decade and is highly competent at delivering training and education to any audience. Anita’s style is interactive and uses an emotive slant to get her message across. Anita uses her in-depth knowledge of economics to get buy in from management on a corporate level and creates scenario based examples to get her message across. She has faced many board meetings where within an hour she has been able to get complete approval for an intervention. Anita displays the same intent of serving her community where she can and has done extensive work with organisations that are in need.


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Services & Programmes

Custom Made HIV and AIDS Training and Assistance

1. HIV & AIDS basic education and Awareness course

  •     Statistics of HIV Global to local
  •     Difference between HIV and AIDS
  •     Formula for transmission
  •     Prevention, social and sexual
  •     From infection to death and how this can change
  •     Treatment literacy
  •     Owning your HIV status


2. HIV & AIDS Management Training

  • Strategic plan for HIV intervention
  • Business impact of HIV and AIDS
  • Basic HIV education
  • Managing HIV positive employees
  • Policy implementation
  • Managing disclosure
  • Creating a network


3. HIV & AIDS Mass Communication Training

  • World AIDS Day presentation
  • Motivational speaker


4. HIV & AIDS Train the Trainer (Peer Education Training)

  • How to train
  • Who to train
  • Methods of training
  • Drawing up your own training program
  • Zoning method to train


5. HIV & AIDS Revitalization Training

  • Previous peer educators can be retained
  • Update on existing training


6. HIV & AIDS Lay Counselling Course

  • How to counsel
  • Who to counsel
  • Pit falls of counseling
  • Legacy
  • Objectives and goals
  • Trauma cycle


7. Policy & Procedure Drwan Up & Updated

  • Conforms to LRA and Code of good conduct


8. PRE & POST Test Counselling

  • This service is offered on request only
  • Ora-aware tests are used


9. HIV & AIDS Counselling

  • This service is offered on a one on one basis by request only.


10 . Merchandise

  • AIDS ribbons
  • Sexual prevention merchandise
  • Drumming kits





  • Measuring your stress levels
  • Hiding Vs Sharing your stress
  • Who you are and how you are perceived
  • Understanding the 70% Vs 30 % of stress
  • Filling and Emptying the 'Cookie Jar'
  • Humanity in the mirror
  • Sinking and Saving



  • Statistics of the five lifestyle disease
  • Explanation of the analogy of the human and the car
  • The value of knowing:
    •         Blood Pressure
    •         Body Mass Index
    •         Cholesterol
    •         Blood Sugar
    •         HIV Status
  • Generic ways of maintaining body wellness
  • Where to from here?