Mobile payment solutions provider in South Africa

SnapScan is an app that lets people pay with their phone quickly, easily, and safely. People with the SnapScan app scan a SnapCode (a unique QR code) to make payments and donations. Stores and organisations have their own SnapCodes that people can use to make payments. 


Organisations have used SnapCodes to raise funds in all kinds of ways - on posters, bookmarks, websites, social media posts, emails, and at events. The options are varied and can be aligned with an organisation’s needs. 


In 2019 SnapScan developed a new feature that gives people the option of turning their donations into ongoing, monthly contributions. SnapScan recommends that all NPOs have this feature enabled on some of their SnapCodes. It’s really simple, and means that anyone who downloads the app can easily make ongoing contributions to charitable organisations.


























SnapScan is really excited to be working with WeCanChangeOurWorld to provide solutions to the amazing organisations on this platform.