About us




About Us

VETTA’s aim is for South African companies to have sustainable returns on their training investment through increased work performance, productivity and profitability; our holistic vision is to enrich companies and their employees by developing the basis for freedom in human thinking on a learning platform to  empower them to obtain respect for self and from peers, with elevated confidence levels and goal-oriented focus.

A relay race is only as good as the handover of the baton from one runner to the next.  The development of staff is equally only as good as the hand over from one employee to the next.  This is where VETTA fills this much needed gap.

Our key strengths are our passion, dedication and commitment to the elevation of all South Africans in the workplace.  Our uniqueness lies in the personal attention before, during and after the learning intervention.

Our Mission 

To take the fear and negative perception out of training into one of growth, development, better jobs, and overall country prosperity.  We therefore make available learning interventions at all levels, which embraces all people, without judgment. 













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Over the years VETTA has consistently been involved in various uplifting projects whether in groups or individuals.  

Learning interventions offered:

  • Work readiness
  • Disability awareness in the workplace
  • Diversity training
  • Life skills training for adults


We aim to empower people to obtain respect for self and from peers, with elevated confidence levels and goal-oriented focus.  Our professional facilitators ensure that maximum results are achieved through creative and analytic approaches with a strong emphasis on life skills needed in every position.

All VETTA training workshops are driven by real people who themselves have practical experience in the various industry sectors.  

Our key strengths are our passion, dedication and commitment to the elevation of all South Africans in the workplace. Our uniqueness lies in personal attention before, during and after tuition.  Training is presented either in a public group format, in-house at the client’s premises, on live television broadcasts, via The Virtual Learning Platform (E-learning), video conferencing or via Skype.

 VETTA is a Channel Partner with ChasePoint in the Western Cape, marketing an Automated Standard Operating Procedure Training Management System (CloudSOP).

VETTA also works closely with Talent Dynamics SA, a business development pathway to accelerate Flow in the workplace. 
For rapid access of all types of information, including online bookings, course schedules and descriptions, visit our website at www.vetta.co.za








NCC Environmental Services (Pty) Ltd

Service: Vetta have always been well prepared, very accommodating and flexible to meet clients’ training needs

Materials: The learning material has always been comprehensive, manuals are user friendly, the course content was fit for purpose as well as concise and jam-packed with information (sufficient for during the training and for afterhours reading), and best of all, is always useful for referencing afterward.

Facilitation: The workshops are easy flowing, good time management, easy referencing throughout the workbooks Facilitator: The facilitators are always knowledgeable about the subject matter, confident, have excellent interpersonal and facilitation skills, and easy to approach

If you have any other enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Caxton Newspapers

My Tea Ladies/ Refreshment Providers are so motivated and fired up they have been cleaning and is still cleaning since the training.

So glad it made a difference in these two’s lives. Really a remarkable differences not only the workplace but themselves as well.

It is now really a pleasure to work with them. I will keep on motivating them. Arranged some vouchers to show them our appreciation.


UASA: Metal & Specialist Sector

We agree with the facilitator that the training was mostly well received by all the delegates.
The training was pitched at the correct level and all of the questions were addressed.

Thank you for a job well done.

UASA will definitely keep Vetta Communications on our list of preferred training providers for future utilization.