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“Stories are just data with a soul” - Dr Rene Brown

Triple Bottom Line

20 years after the birth of democracy, South Africa remains in a state of permanent re-construction. And at the same time, advances in technology continue to shape and change the way we think, the way we act and the way we connect with each other and the world.

At WhyFive we believe strategic insights that unpack the WHY behind human perception and behaviour are key to creating sustainable products, services and organisations. And sustainability, in all its guises, is the path to a better future.

Through a variety of data-fuelled projects and products, WhyFive makes the world a better place by enabling South African businesses, organisations and enterprises to shape and execute strategy with a dual purpose: to satisfy commercial imperatives and benefit society as a whole



 What we do

Conceptualise surveys…

We find ways of accessing interesting slices of the economically active population – in South Africa, Africa and the World. Then we ask them questions about what they think, what they do, what they care about, how they feel, etc – the kind of questions that lead to answers that have the power to change our lives.

and bring them to life

We believe in the power of storytelling: compelling narratives are the most powerful way to ensure that data translates into insights – and insights inform strategy.

So all of our stories begin by asking ‘why’ five times. That’s how you get to the core of any problem – and that’s where meaningful solutions are born.

There’s a lot, probably too much, data out there in the world, but it only has value if people understand what it means and how it can add value to their thinking. 

for people who care.

We deliver insights, stories and strategic tools to a broad range of advertising, communication, strategic, research and consulting agencies in the general field of ‘marketing’. And we partner with brands who have a yearning to know what their customers, and non-customers are thinking. In short, we deal with businesses who actually care what people think.






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Our Primary Social Development Project is…

The Ubuntu Report 2014:

A landscape study of South African Individual philanthropy

The gap between wealth and poverty is more pronounced in South Africa than almost anywhere else on earth. At an institutional level there is extensive intervention and commentary on key issues and trends in this area but very little understanding of trends at an individual level.

This survey will explore individual attitudes and behaviours around a broad spectrum of altruism and philanthropy with segmentation across the wealth continuum. In particular, it seems as if everyone knows full well what the crucial issues facing our society are – but no one has ever asked those in a position to help what they really care about – and how they would like to give back.

The insights presented will be crucial for all businesses, government agencies NPOs and NGOs intent on fostering growth through sustainable investment
in high impact corporate social investment. 


in high impact corporate social investment. 

The Ubuntu survey will:

  • collaborate with stakeholders in the design of the landscape study of individual philanthropy in South Africa.
  • create a shared data set – including demographics and media graphics - that offers a wealth of insights.
  • establish current trends and perceptions in CSI including triggers and barriers to giving back.
  • establish the extent to which good CSI drives consumer behavior, purchase and loyalty to brands and businesses.
  • establish and quantify who gives what to which causes and how and why they do it
  • describe South Africans philanthropic intentions and expectations from business, NPOs, Government and NGOs.


WhyFive giving back

While the Ubuntu report will be financed by partners who will benefit most from the resulting stories and insights, we understand that not all NPO’s can afford to buy and access the Ubuntu report core data - and yet these NGO’s have the most to gain from the insights!

So we have undertaken to offer the Ubuntu Report core data at no charge for certain smaller NPO’s – and in addition, we’ll be giving 15 percent of all proceeds from the Ubuntu Report to a social cause selected by the partners of the collaboration.







Other WhyFive Projects

Top End
WhyFive is an agent for the now famous Top End, a market report produced by RamsayMedia Research Solutions which provides the only comprehensive view of the 980 000 wealthy South Africans who drive the economy, pay the tax bill and buy your brands. If you sell products to well-heeled households you cannot go to the office without TopEnd. Call us now to order the report, cross-tabulated data or a presentation to your team.


The Cool Teen Report
First published in 2012 The Cool Report immediately had the attention of marketers and brand managers. Here for the first time was real understanding of what cool is; who is cool and what the perceptions, behaviours and influences are of cool (and uncool) people. The second edition due out in Q3 2013 will include boosted teen representation in the respondent sample as well as the introduction of cool cliques – which make for interesting segmentation models for marketers


WhyFive 2013 Festive Frenzy Report
Conducted in November 2013 the Festive Frenzy report takes an in-depth look at the predicted behaviour of middle and upper class South African consumers as they approach the silly season.
What do they expect to spend over this period? Will they spend more or less than last year? What gifts do they plan to buy and what entertainment purchases? Where will they spend their money? How will they finance their spend and how indebted do they expect to be in early 2014. Crucial reading for brands and retailers!


 SA Body Image Report
Published in April 2013 this report provides invaluable insights into the hearts and minds of South African consumers on a range of matters relating to health and beauty. If you are in this market you need to have this data in order to understand the radical differences in opinions between male and female, young and old and black and white. Contact us to order the report or a tailor-made brand presentation.


The SA Shopper Market report
The survey has been designed and we are actively seeking partners to collaborate on this ambitious project. It’s as broad as its sounds. Any organisation involved in the process of building retail brands, getting and keeping customers and selling merchandise in-store or on-line should be interested. Contact us to discuss options for partnerships or to purchase the data reports.


AutoMapp – Passenger Car Report
AutoMapp is a comprehensive study of passenger vehicle owners in South Africa. In November last year 21 500 motor vehicle owners took part in the survey making this biggest of its kind in the country and a crucial strategic tool for every marketer in the automotive sector.