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Give a Child a Family (GCF) is a registered Child Protection Organization and also operates a Child and Youth Care Centre promoting the rights and wellbeing of children for the past 28 years. GCF operates from the conviction that children have the right to grow up in a family and this principle is embedded in the GCF vision.


The focus of the organisation is ‘Prevention and Early Intervention’ for children and families in the communities. Holistic services are rendered within the centre and the ‘Back to Family’ programme ensures the children are placed with secure families, preferably their own, but where that is not possible, with a screened and trained foster family from the GCF Database of Foster Parents.


GCF is a national and international child protection influencer through training, development and advocacy programmes.





















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Address:              Lot 32 Alexander Avenue, Margate, 4275

Tel:                       039 317 2761

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Mail:                    info@gcf.org.za

Website:             www.gcf.org.za

GCF Programmes

Prevention and Early Intervention

The old saying is so true “prevention is better than cure”.  What if resources in Child Protection is focused on prevention rather than crisis management of the symptoms as so well explained in this video from UNICEF – “It’s time to prevent violence against children…” 


GCF implements the Parenting for Life Journey to capacitate all primary care givers in their role to ensure that every child develops to their full potential and that no child is left behind.

GCF also creates awareness and a common platform for the understanding of children’s rights and responsibilities through the Social Justice and Protective Behaviours programmes. 


The Social Justice programme is an innovative tool to bring about understanding for children’s safeguarding, ensuring there is a commitment to child protection and policies for organisations, faith based organisations, governing boards, traditional leaders, municipalities, businesses, schools and communities.  This Afri-centric approach works with the African Charter and has made this programme extremely successful in bringing change to mindsets in communities.


If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor” – Desmond Tutu


Protective Behaviour programme is a personal safety life skills programme which aims to prevent abuse, increase safety and reduce violence.  This empowerment and safeguarding tool can be used by children, parents, educators, families or anyone who comes into contact with children.


Transformational Care – Back to Family

The aim is the protection of children without parental care, in order to ensure high quality appropriate alternative care solutions through holistic intervention programmes.  These solutions include temporary safe care parents, foster parents and kinship parents which would result in the prevention of harmful institutionalization of children at risk. 


Child and Youth Care Centre – Temporary Safe Care

A multi-disciplinary team ensures child-centred, nurturing responsive care is provided according to the developmental needs of approximately 90 children in temporary safe care per annum.  Our main focus is ensuring that these children are restored and reintegrated to safe and secure families.



Achieving social transformation by building the capacity of child protection change agents in the communities with whom Give a Child a Family engages locally, nationally and internationally.  Child protection systems are hereby capacitated to engage in effective system’s strengthening initiatives which is facilitated by enabling environments of policies, services, communities and families.



Give a Child a Family engages in evidence-based planning and aims to bring together key strategic partners to have an open and robust conversation about how the advocacy role can be strengthened.  Civil Society must play a role to develop and drive a shared advocacy agenda in order to build a stronger national child care and protection system.





Monthly Contributions

You contribute towards a child's nutritional, therapeutic, educational and medical costs. We need your help! That way we can provide safety, security and love for children and were needed, find a secure and loving family for them, because every child needs a family... it's where they belong!!!

Leave a Legacy of Love in your Will

If you wish to include a charity bequest in your will, it will be a unique way to extend your beliefs and hopes for the future beyond your own lifetime. Your legacy will live on long after you are gone and the difference your legacy will make for many children and families will be life-changing for them.

GCF Ambassador

You can be our official ambassador on social media by posting about GCF or sharing our posts with your network and asking them to also get involved. This will assist in raising awareness about the work we do and spread the message of child protection.

Taxation Receipts

GCF is registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) and therefore bona fide donations qualify as tax deductible for which Section 18A receipts can be issued.


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