The application process opens 30 March 2020 and closes on 31 July 2020 at 15:00.

Successful Gr 6 applicants will be informed and will have to complete an academic assessment and individual interviews before final selection for the Junior Development Programme in 2021.

Once your child has been accepted into the Junior Development Programme of 2021, your child will have to commit to attend a six month-long programme of weekend classes.   

Enrolment into the Junior Development Programme (Grade 7 – 2021) DOES NOT secure a placement in the Scholarship Preparation Programme of 2021 or a scholarship for Grade 8.

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Our Mission

The Kay Mason Foundation (KMF) is a small Non-Profit Organisation providing schooling and social support to deserving disadvantaged children with great potential. Our aim is to build leaders in our society through good education and to ensure success through our support programmes.

The KMF was founded by Richard Mason in 1999 to eliminate barriers to quality education for underprivileged children and bridge the opportunity gap which is one of South Africa’s greatest challenges.  We enable scholars to transform their lives through education and self-development and we do this through our Programmes for Success and Continuum of Care Model.

We are unique in that we look at both the academic and personal potential of the candidate and support them in both areas for the duration of their schooling.

Working with many ECD networks, Primary Schools, CBO’s and NPO’s we recruit bright, motivated and financially disadvantaged scholars in their Grade 6 year.  After an intensive assessment and evaluation process, successful candidates join our six-month Junior development programme.  In this programme we start focusing specifically on maths, English, science, IT, life skills and personal development.  Candidates who successfully complete this six-month programme are invited to apply for the KMF Scholarship Development programme, which also spans over 6 months. 10 – 20 scholars are selected from the applicants for the KMF Scholarship Development programme.  With this programme we ensure that scholars are academically and socially prepared to attend a quality high school with high academic standards.


During the Junior programmes, scholars:


  • Attend Saturday tutoring in Maths, English, IT and Science
  • Are taught life skills and personal development
  • Are monitored, evaluated and supported


Scholars who complete the KMF Scholarship Development programme successfully are awarded a KMF Senior Scholarship.

We’ve identified excellent schools around the Western Cape and match the learner with the correct institute so that their experience is rewarding in all aspects.

During the Senior Programme the scholars receive a bursary which enables them to attend a quality high school.  We pay for their school fees, stationery, textbooks, uniform, transport, extra mural activities, school hostel and food to school.  Our aim is to ensure that our scholar achieve success and our tutoring programme is focused on maths, English, science and IT.  These are critical skills that ensure that our scholars can enter tertiary education institutions after school. 

In addition to academic performance we focus on the personal development of each scholar.  Our development programme includes:  Leadership development, 

public speaking, self-esteem development, study skills, goal setting, critical and analytical thinking, problem solving, volunteering and mentoring.  All our scholars do volunteer work, learning how to become agents of change and developing generosity of spirit.

We prepare our scholars for life after school starting with study choices and career guidance, also doing job shadowing placements within several different work environments.  We then assist them with the application process to tertiary institutions and bursary applications.  We are proud of the learners who have passed through the Kay Mason Foundation programme, excelling and developing as people along the way. Watching our graduates give back themselves later in life is additional reward.  We continue our relationship with our KMF Alumni by tracking their progress in life, encouraging them to give back to the organisation by assisting current scholars, and KMF supporting them by providing advice and connecting them with leaders in a wide range of fields


BEE Status

South African DonorsKay Mason Foundation South Africa Trust

IT 397/2001

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Office 202, Omnipark building,
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BEE Level 1 Contributor (SED & Skills Development)

135% BEE scorecard recognition level of your CSI contribution. Partnering with the KMF gives you the opportunity for scoring both Socio-Economic Development and Skills Development points.

NPO registration: NPO 091-998

Duly registered and compliant with the NPO Directorate, a division of the South African Department of Social Development and regulator of South African NPO’s.

Registered with SARS for section 18A

PBO registration 930036244

Contributions to the Kay Mason Foundation can be deducted from taxable income on presentation of the section 18A receipt.

Bank details: RMB Private Bank (division of FNB) | Branch Code: 202709
Account name: The Kay Mason Foundation South Africa Trust
Account number: 623 0482 8405


South African donors receive a SARS18A certificate and companies receive points for their BBBEE scorecard.  We currently boast a Level 1 BBBEE rating for SED and Skills Development.


We also have a registered Trust in the UK and USA and donations from UK and USA are eligible for tax deductions.  Donors from UK and USA can request the tax deduction documentation for their donation from the Kay Mason Foundation.

We welcome donors who would like to

  • make a once off donation,
  • make an annual donation,
  • fund a specific scholar or project,
  • sign up for a monthly debit order,
  • sign up as a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Corporate Partner,
  • fundraise for us through GivenGain,
  • donate a gift in lieu of flowers or in lieu of a birthday gift or
  • bequeath a lasting legacy in your will.

Projects/Programmes/Services Content

KMF Youth Development Programmes:

The KMF Youth Development Programmes are as follows:

  1. Grade 6 Recruitment & Assessment Phase
  2. Grade 7 Junior Development Programme
  3. Grade 7 Scholarship Preparation Programme
  4. Senior Scholarship Programme
  5. Alumni Programme


  1. Grade 6 Recruitment & Assessment Programme:

The aim of the programme is to identify scholars for the Junior Development Programme. 


Scholars apply for the programme in July of their Grade 6 year (12 years old).

The application process has had many challenges as applications are often submitted incomplete or incorrect. Parents fail to provide sufficient proof of household income and neglect to include all household income and dependants. This puts a strain on the financial verification process.

The criteria are as follows:

  1. The applicant must be a South African citizen
  2. The total household Gross income should not exceed R15,000.00 p/m

The applicant should achieve a minimum of 65% for Home Language, Mathematics and Science.


Most unsuccessful submissions are owing to the applicant not complying to the criteria above or they have failed to provide proof. The parents often find the application forms too complicated.

For the 2020 programme, the application form will be made simpler and an on-line form will be developed. The KMF office will provide assistance once a week to parents who wish to complete the on-line form or who needs guidance with regards to their submissions.


An academic assessment takes place in August. One of the criteria of the programme is for the scholar to achieve 65% for Home Language, Mathematics and Science. The applicants come from schools across the Western Cape (Peninsula, Winelands, Overberg, Swartland, West Coast). To ensure standardisation, an academic assessment is completed which evaluates Mathematical as well as problem solving skills. The assessment is done by a company which specialises in standardised academic assessment. The KMF has no access to the assessments and only receive the scores. Scholars who achieved a minimum of 65% are successful are invited for the GPP Assessment which takes place in September. The KMF has found that the programme’s success depends strongly on the scholar’s ability to persevere and perception of control. A Grit, Perseverance and Personality assessment is done by an expert to determine the level of development of these skills in order for the KMF to ensure that these very important qualities are built through the year.

Financial Verification

The financial verification takes place in November. A maximum of fifty scholars will be chosen to attend the Junior Development programme and to ensure that they comply with the financial criteria, each scholar has to provide proof of a household income that does not exceed R15,000.00. It is an extensive process and includes interviews with the parents if necessary.


2.   Grade 7 Junior Development Programme

The aim of the programme is to develop Grade 7 (13 years old) scholars’ academic as well as emotional and social skills over the time period of six months.


The scholars and parents have to attend an orientation day

  1. The session focusses on the contract, indemnity, PoPi consent forms and registration forms
  2. The deliverables of the programme and the KMF programmes are explained to all parents.
  3. A calendar of events is handed out.

This programme entails an academic development curriculum which focuses mainly on Mathematics, English, IT and Science.  The participants in the Junior Development Programme increase their scores in the above subjects by an average of 20% during their participation.  Effective Study skills has been proven to increase confidence,

self-esteem and competence hence study skills & time management skills are introduced during Term 2.  In this way, scholars are able to reduce anxiety related to writing tests and meeting deadlines.

Having a non-academic skillset is important for students as well, therefore we also focus on the psycho-social development of the child where they undergo a diverse programme focused on leadership skills, tenacity and emotional intelligence.  Soft skills play an important role in shaping a child’s personality, they enable social competence, and complement the hard skills.  This section of the programme ensures that scholars are supported and encouraged to skillfully manage challenges in their lives, through utilizing their skills learned during this time.  Each child will have access to 6 team sessions and individual coaching sessions and receive ongoing support to develop their soft skills.

KMF also hosts The Junior Development camp which is one of the highlights of the programme and takes place annually in March. The KMF works with specialized facilitators from the camp group, TRUE NORTH EXPERIENCES. At the 3-day camp the learners are introduced to activities that develop grit, perseverance and tenacity. The programme at the camp also include leadership, social skills (communication) and teamwork. In order to achieve another soft skill, teamwork, a drumming session is held.  It inevitably results in the formation of a strong bond among the scholars, which encourages teamwork and synergy.

The Junior Camp provides the opportunity to spend quality time on building qualities which are pivotal for their psycho-social development.

After six months, the scholars graduate from the programme, having greater courage, tenacity, morale, determination and certainty about themselves and their academic abilities. Ten to twenty of these graduates are invited to apply to the Scholarship Preparation Programme.

  1. The Scholarship Preparation Programme

This programme has a dual purpose. The successful candidates will receive a KMF scholarship for High School, and it serves as a preparation programme for their high school career, as we have found that this could be quite daunting for children from disadvantaged communities.

The children will attend schools that are very different to the schools and communities they are accustomed to. The scholars are faced with differences in cultures, religions, languages and socio-economic backgrounds. Throughout the programme we provide them with the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds, develop leadership skills, tenacity, grit and perseverance. They learn how to work as a team and as individuals, we build confidence and social skills and give them tools to enhance success, not only in their high school career, but post high school as well.

Critical thinking is more than just a skill for learning; it's a skill for life and therefore it offered in our workshops provided to the scholars.  It encourages curiosity, enhances creativity, reinforces problem-solving ability and fosters independence.  Alongside

critical thinking workshops, analytical thinking and problem-solving workshops are done with the scholars as well. 

KMF Scholars are taught analytical skills as it assists them with the necessary skills to find solutions to common problems and make decisions about what actions to take next. It is pivotal that children are taught how to analyze and understand problems and situations to reach viable solutions.

Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations and used as a therapeutic technique.  It is a secular technique which can be used in all spheres of our lives.  Most students are confronted by many stressors during the academic year.  They experience high levels of anxiety and are often overwhelmed by their challenges both at school and at home.  The programme introduces the scholars to mindfulness techniques by dedicating a 30-minute exercise before every work session on a Saturday to increase focus and decrease anxiety.  Scholars are encouraged to practice these techniques in their daily lives.  

  1. Senior Scholarship Programme

The successful candidates from the Scholarship Preparation Programme are awarded a KMF Senior scholarship and joins the Senior Scholarship Programme. Here, scholars receive:

  • 5-year High School Scholarship

The KMF provides financial support to scholars, ensuring that the scholar can attend a quality high school and obtain a quality education. 

  • Academic Tutoring

We provide academic support to scholars ensuring that they will achieve good academic results at school.

  • Psycho-social support

The psycho – social support offered by KMF will ensure that scholars develop into insightful young adults, who will become contributing citizens in their community.  Scholars will receive various life skills and developmental workshops such as:

  1. Public Speaking
  2. Communication
  3. Coping skills
  4. Critical thinking
  5. Personal refinement
  6. Hygiene, health and wellness
  7. Leadership development
  8. Self – esteem development

KMF believes in giving back to the community and we encourage our scholars to participate in volunteer work. This encourages the notion of being a responsible citizen in the larger community.

  • Mentorship Programmes & Support Groups:

At KMF we offer additional specialized supportive programmes such as:

KMF has a formal partnership with Releasing Eagles (RE) which started in 2017.  The KMF scholars who participate in the RE programme become more steadfast and know what they want to achieve in life.  Some of the KMF Alumni still act as mentors for RE, giving their time to help other young children achieve their dreams.  The mentors are formally trained to provide quality mentoring to mentees. 

The Buddy programme was developed to enhance the life experiences, exposure, value systems, support base and general knowledge of our KMF scholars.  The scholars that signed up for the buddy programme are assigned buddies.  We do a formal police screening and matching before the buddy is assigned to the scholar. 

  • Male/Female Support Groups:

The support groups offered by KMF, as a specialized service, creates a safe and confidential environment where KMF scholars can openly discuss matters they struggle with in life and support one-another via this supportive group model.

  • Senior Developmental Camp:

The senior development camp is hosted annually by KMF.  The camp focusses on mindfulness, tenacity, leadership, emotional intelligence and character development.  It provides an opportunity for Senior Scholars to improve their psychosocial development. 


5. Alumni Programme

Successful scholars who complete our Senior Programme become proud KMF Alumni. We continue to work with them to provide opportunities for:


Skill Development Workshops

Serve as mentors for current scholars


1. KMF offers a caring & supportive environment for youth at risk prior to attendance at quality schools, during the school career and post their high school career.

2. Meaningful positive relationships are initiated, nurtured and maintained through our mentorship, buddy programmes and support groups.

3. Improvement in academic performance through Accredited Assessments, tutoring classes, Basic Computer skills Training, Science workshops.

4. Provision of instrumental support such as transport to school, school stationery, uniform, textbooks etc.

5. Personal development is nurtured through Mindfulness, Developmental Camps, Soft Skills Development Workshops, Interview Preparation sessions.  Each child has different psycho-social and development needs. KMF provides support and nurturing to each child based on his / her specific needs.

6. The visible and measurable positive change that we enable for the individual child and his / her family or household, which in return has a positive impact on their bigger family, community, our country and the world. 

7.  Narrowing the opportunity gap for financially disadvantaged children

8. 99% matriculation pass rate over the last 20 years


The KMF has seen so many success stories from our previous youth who have continued to complete their tertiary studies and joined the world of work.  Many of our children became doctors, lawyers, accountants, started their own Non-Profit Organisations and positively contribute to their own families, communities and the economy of our country. Through our programme we have broken the poverty cycle within each family of our beneficiaries and provided them with the opportunity to achieve their dreams.  We are truly building leaders and creating sustainable change, one child and one family at a time. 

Siyamthemba Mrawli - MBA Business Science

Siyamthemba was the first male scholar to be awarded the Kay Mason Foundation bursary and completed his schooling at the esteemed South African College School.

He graduated from the University of Cape Town with a degree in social sciences, majoring in International Politics, Economic History and Industrial Sociology.

He was then granted a scholarship to study an MBA at Blackburn University in the UK, which he completed cum laude in 2013.

He was further awarded a full bursary to do a master’s degree in Business Science at one of the top UK universities, which he also completed cum laude.

Duncan Johnson is making the world a better place one note at a time.  He is a musician with an amazing personality. He is a humanitarian and offers his time and talent teaching others music and developing a passion for arts. 

Kirby Meyer attended Livingstone High School and completed her tertiary education at The University of Cape Town.  She completed her studies in Medicine and she is currently employed by the Department of Health as a Medical Doctor. 

Nadine Moodie studied Law at the University of Stellenbosch.

Yonelani Lupuwana currently holds a Marketing Specialist Position and completed her studies at The University of Pretoria.