The application process opens on 08 March 2021 and closes on 14 May 2021 at 15:00.


Successful Gr 6 applicants will be informed and will have to complete an academic assessment and individual interviews before final selection for the Junior Development Programme in 2021.


Once your child has been accepted into the Junior Development Programme of 2021, your child will have to commit to attend a six month-long programme of weekend classes.   


Enrolment into the Junior Development Programme (Grade 7 – 2022) DOES NOT secure a placement in the Scholarship Preparation Programme of 2022 or a scholarship for Grade 8.


The qualification criteria are as follows:

  1. The applicant must be a South African citizen
  2. The total household gross income should not exceed R17 500.00 per month
  3. The applicant should achieve a minimum of 65% for their home Language, mathematics, and science.


Most unsuccessful submissions are owing to the applicant not complying with the criteria or failure to provide proof thereof. 




Scholars apply for the programme in March of their Grade 6 year (12 years old), for 2022 the programme and application form has been simplified.

We explain the application form process to the parents to enable them to be confident when completing the application.

Upon receipt of the applications, we go through a verification process to ensure and check if all the supporting documents meet our criteria.



An academic assessment takes place in June 2021. One of the criteria of the programme is for the scholar to achieve 65% for home language, mathematics, and science. The applicants come from schools across the Western Cape (Peninsula, Winelands, Overberg, Swartland, West Coast). To ensure standardization, an academic assessment is completed which evaluates mathematical as well as problem-solving skills.


Financial Verification:


Financial verification takes place in September. A maximum of fifty scholars will be chosen to attend the Junior Development programme and to ensure that they comply with the financial criteria, each scholar has to provide proof of a household income that does not exceed R17,500 per month. It is an extensive process and includes interviews with the parents if necessary.


Successful candidates will be notified of their acceptance into our Junior Development Programme.

(Refer to Programmes tab for more information) 


To apply please go to

BEE Status

South African Donors Kay Mason Foundation South Africa Trust

IT 397/2001

Registered address:

Office 202, Omnipark building,
102 Edward Street,
Bellville, 7530

BEE Level 1 Contributor (SED & Skills Development)

135% BEE scorecard recognition level of your CSI contribution. Partnering with the KMF gives you the opportunity for scoring both Socio-Economic Development and Skills Development points.

NPO registration: NPO 091-998

Duly registered and compliant with the NPO Directorate, a division of the South African Department of Social Development and regulator of South African NPO’s.


Registered with SARS for section 18A

PBO registration 930036244

Contributions to the Kay Mason Foundation can be deducted from taxable income on presentation of the section 18A receipt.


Bank details: RMB Private Bank (division of FNB) | Branch Code: 202709
Account name: The Kay Mason Foundation South Africa Trust
Account number: 623 0482 8405


South African donors receive a SARS18A certificate and companies receive points for their BBBEE scorecard.  We currently boast a Level 1 BBBEE rating for SED and Skills Development.


We also have a registered Trust in the UK and USA and donations from UK and USA are eligible for tax deductions.  Donors from UK and USA can request the tax deduction documentation for their donation from the Kay Mason Foundation.

















































Contact Details


Office 202 Omnipark Building,

102 Edward Street,




Postal Address

PO Box 4893




Telephone: +27 (0) 21 917 1853


Our Mission

The Kay Mason Foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation providing schooling and social support to deserving vulnerable children with great potential. We aim to build leaders in our society through good education and to ensure success through our support programmes.


The Kay Mason Foundation was founded by Richard Mason in 1999 to eliminate barriers to quality education for under served children and bridge the opportunity gap which is one of South Africa’s greatest challenges.  We enable scholars to transform their lives through education and self-development.


We are unique in that we look at both the academic and personal potential of the candidate and support them in both areas for the duration of their schooling.


We work with many ECD networks, Primary Schools, CBO’s and NPO’s to recruit bright, motivated and financially vulnerable scholars in their Grade 6 year.

Projects/Programme/Services Content



















1. KMF offers a caring & supportive environment for youth at risk prior to attendance at quality schools, during the school career and post their high school career.


2. Meaningful positive relationships are initiated, nurtured and maintained through our mentorship, buddy programmes and support groups.


3. Improvement in academic performance through Accredited Assessments, tutoring classes, Basic Computer skills Training, Science workshops.


4. Provision of instrumental support such as transport to school, school stationery, uniform, textbooks etc.


5. Personal development is nurtured through Mindfulness, Developmental Camps, Soft Skills Development Workshops, Interview Preparation sessions.  Each child has different psycho-social and development needs. KMF provides support and nurturing to each child based on his / her specific needs.


6. The visible and measurable positive change that we enable for the individual child and his / her family or household, which in return has a positive impact on their bigger family, community, our country and the world. 


7.  Narrowing the opportunity gap for financially under served children


8. It's a 99% matriculation pass rate over the last 20 years


The KMF has seen so many success stories from our previous youth who have continued to complete their tertiary studies and joined the world of work.  Many of our children became doctors, lawyers, accountants, started their own Non-Profit Organisations and positively contribute to their own families, communities and the economy of our country. Through our programme we have broken the poverty cycle within each family of our beneficiaries and provided them with the opportunity to achieve their dreams.  We are truly building leaders and creating sustainable change, one child and one family at a time. 


Siyamthemba Mrawli - MBA Business Science

Siyamthemba was the first male scholar to be awarded the Kay Mason Foundation bursary and completed his schooling at the esteemed South African College School.

























He graduated from the University of Cape Town with a degree in social sciences, majoring in International Politics, Economic History and Industrial Sociology.


He was then granted a scholarship to study an MBA at Blackburn University in the UK, which he completed cum laude in 2013.


He was further awarded a full bursary to do a master’s degree in Business Science at one of the top UK universities, which he also completed cum laude.


Duncan Johnson is making the world a better place one note at a time.  He is a musician with an amazing personality. He is a humanitarian and offers his time and talent teaching others music and developing a passion for arts. 


























Nadine Moodie studied Law at the University of Stellenbosch.




















Allyson Adams: 

The scholarship has really been life-changing. At the time that I was in High School I had two other siblings that were also at high school. The scholarship came at the right time because I do not think my parents would have been able to send all three of us to a good school. The experience at the KMF changed my life forever, I was exposed to different cultures, different elements that I do not think I would have had exposure to. I met amazing peers at the KMF and even until today we still maintained a very good relationship. I also really enjoyed the workshops because they gave me insight into different aspects of life. I have continued to maintain a close friendship with Richard too, although he is a very busy guy, he is still able to keep in touch and it is as if he remembers all of us and that is what I love about him, he is so personal”