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Salesian Life Choices, better known as Life Choices, is a South African based youth development organisation located in Cape Town. Since 2005, we have impacted over 200 000 people with choices, not charity. We invest in youth because they are 37% of the South African population… but 100% of its future. We work with youth from the Cape Flats communities to make choices that can change the world. 


Life Choices provides services to young people through five building blocks which assists youth to thrive. These are; family stability, health, education, leadership and employment. Our services are about connecting with youth in a way that promotes young people’s dignity. We support and facilitate their healthy and empowered choices, not charity.  We invest in youth to make choices that can change the world. In this way, one step at a time, one person at a time, we can tackle inequality. Why inequality? We dream about a world where we see beyond differences and we connect with each other as equals. We work towards a world of abundance for all humans and the planet.





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Donations are critical to ensure that Life Choices is able to fulfil its mission. We appeal to the dreamers and the brave of heart who have the courage to imagine a world of equal opportunity for everyone. There’s no better time to change the world than right now. You have a role to play. Join us! Together we can create opportunities for youth. Get involved and become a donor.

Make a difference every month by becoming a monthly donor or make a single donation via snapscan or EFT.


Life Choices banking details are as follows:


Bank: Standard Bank
Account Name: Salesian Life Choices
Account Number: 070860823
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●    Become an email or social media fundraiser by telling your friends about us.
●    If you’re a member of a sports club or part of organized community clubs who are already investing in a better future, why not organize a small fundraiser for Life Choices?
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Life Choices welcomes and encourages highly motivated individuals to apply to become volunteers with the organisation. Volunteering at Life Choices is a rewarding experience. Our volunteers get their hands dirty with all kinds of work and they support the team in delivering a high quality service to all beneficiaries.
We appreciate the time, availability and skills of volunteers who share in our vision. Life Choices values your commitment. For more information contact vacancies@lifechoices.co.za

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Family Affairs:

Risk factors for unhealthy child development are high in areas such as the Cape Flats but it is still possible for children to thrive in these conditions. One major protective factor that can improve child outcomes is that of parental resilience which is defined as “the capacity of parents to deliver competent, quality parenting to children despite adverse personal, family, and social circumstances” (Gavidia-Payne, Denny, Davis, Francis, & Jackson, 2015).
For this reason, Family Affairs works towards improving participants' levels of resilience.












Growing up in poverty is challenging for a large proportion of the country’s youth. In South Africa, the leading causes of death among young people differ by gender, race and income status. Currently, the burden of disease among low income communities is high, with tuberculosis (TB) and HIV emerging as the leading causes of death among all youth in the country, along with violence and traffic accidents for young men.
Improving the health and well-being of youth is crucial for their well-being today, and for their future economic productivity.
South Africa requires services that will get young people excited about their lives and their health.
In order to achieve this youth need to:
1.    Have adequate health related knowledge;
2.    Have self-efficacy (believe they can take care of themselves and have the skills and power to do so) and be motivated to pursue or maintain healthy behaviour;
3.    Know their personal health status; and
4.    Have quality youth-friendly health services readily available.















Leaders Quest:

More than half of the young people are outside both the formal schooling system and the labour market, and live below a poverty line of R604 per month. This persistent poverty and inequality prevents the realization of full citizenship.
Over the two-year-plus intervention (Grade 11, 12 and post matric), Leaders’ Quest implements different activities based on a mix of theories. The main ones being: personal resilience; emotional intelligence; and servant leadership. All activities use the learning cycle theory as the basis of their design and implementation.


















Life Choices Academy:

Life Choices Academy began in 2017, with the goal of developing school-leavers’ skills so that they can obtain well-paid and meaningful jobs within a period of 12 months. Our academy simulates how companies work so that students are ready to join the workplace. We run the academy like a social enterprise aiming to be self-sustainable in a few years time. We empower young people to change their lives, tying our success to theirs. This reflects our confidence in the curriculum and the investment we make in our students. View the Life Choices Academy website here: www.lifechoicesacademy.com









Nurturer is a social enterprise owned by  NPO, Salesian Life Choices. Since 2005 Life Choices has followed its passion of providing quality services to youth to tackle inequality. Nurturer was established as a local earth friendly personal care & cleaning company, where all net profits go to the work done by Life Choices. Join the movement! With every product you purchase, you become part of our dream. To make South Africa a place of abundance for all and to GIVE YOUTH A CHANCE.
View Nuturer’s website here: www.nurturer.co.za