about us

Seed for Change is non-profit social enterprise focused on youth entrepreneurship in South Africa. As a response to the youth unemployment crisis in South Africa, we support youth to become self-sufficient and eliminate a reliance on jobs as the only means to become economically active. We equip youth with a range of resources to build their resilience and ability to withstand the challenges of the business environment.

Seed for Change is a space that connects youth to tools and avenues that are essential for them in starting their business. We have a network of service providers that can contribute their resources towards the establishment and sustainability of the youth businesses.


Our Team

We are a team of three women (Nomvuyo Ntantala, Nokubonga Mabaso, Nomzamo Mlungu) connected by a shared vision of transforming the plight of our youth and supporting them in becoming the architects and champions of their own economic emancipation. Together we have combined experience of almost 20 years in community development.


Our Goals

We aim to assist youth to become self-sufficient and eliminate reliance on external opportunities in order to be economically active. We see mentoring as a critical element in providing the necessary support for the youth on their path of entrepreneurship journey.

- To create a space that will serve as a platform for youth to explore their capabilities and potential.

- To provide opportunities that assist the youth to develop technical and business skills that prepare them for establishment of own entities.

- To establish a network of service providers that can contribute their resources towards the establishment and sustainability of the youth       businesses
- To amass financial resources to ensure the financial sustainability of the business


Our Process
Business Skills and Self Development

Seed for Change has developed a comprehensive programme which builds the entrepreneur in their wholeness as individuals and business owners. The programme aims to integrate self-knowledge with business concepts. It focuses on self -development and business tools to empower youth entrepreneurs.

The delivery of the programme is grounded on the following key principles and values: Interactive, Practicality, Accountability, Trust, Safety, Fluidity, Responsiveness, Discipline and Relatability. On completion of the programme, participants are able to walk away with basic business skills (Understanding of business concepts, Developing a business plan canvass, Mapping business goals, Financial planning for the business and Business pitching). Further we use various methods to work with the youth entrepreneurs to develop self-
development skills. We aim to cultivate self-knowledge and awareness; and the recognition of individual capabilities through self- reflective processes. We provide the youth with practical self-management tools which are essential in building resilience from within.

Business Mentorship

The program is practical as it is not limited to transferring knowledge in a classroom setting but also through direct engagement with the business mentors and experiential exposure to a real life business setting. This provides business mentors a platform to share their journeys so that the youth can have a better grasp of the businesses ventures they wish to pursue and how best to capitalize on their existing skills base.

Business Connections

Seed for Change connects the youth to our network of partner organisations who empower the youth with technical skills for the establishment of their businesses. We link the youth to other resources that assist them in operating sustainable businesses.


Aftercare Programme

Seed for Change remains a resource that is available at every step of the way and even after participants have completed the program.

Pilot programme

We recently launched our pilot programme with 12 youth entrepreneurs from different townships in Cape Town. Some successes from the pilot:

- We had more than 200 applicants for our pilot programme.
- Almost 70% of our course participants made it to graduation day.

 We held weekly workshops at the Amandla Safe Hub in Gugulethu from 29 June 2019 – 03 August 2019. 8 Youth entrepreneurs    successfully completed the pilot programme. We were able to attract youth businesses in construction, recycling, transport and logistics,fashion, brand and marketing, entertainment, tourism and IT.The pilot culminated with business pitches by the youth entrepreneurs on 15   August 2019 to a panel of judges who gave the youth guidance on the next steps in progressing theirbusiness initiatives. We were   honoured with representatives from:


  The Small Enterprise Development Agency (Seda);

- Reciprocity- a Cape Town-based business consultancy in low income segments;
- MJ Mpe consulting- who provide financial education and coaching
- Elamilima Environmental Project- a local business in Khayelitsha
Since participating on our programme, we have observed notably improvements in the youth businesses. The programme was instrumental in unblocking some of the challenges the youth were facing in progressing their businesses to the next stage.

Upcoming Youth Entrepreneurship Camp

We have walked away with a number of insights from our pilot programme and are now actively planning our next programme. This time we will be running an intensive 3-day youth camp to test an alternative delivery model. We targeting 20 February 2020 as our start date. Similar to the Pilot, the youth camp will culminate with a pitching event and graduation ceremony on 06 March 2020.
We intend to use the youth entrepreneurship camp:
- As a pitching boot camp that enables the participants to be fully comfortable with pitching their business to any audience.
- To impart the participants with the building blocks necessary to compile a business plan.
- To allow participants to unplug from their daily commitments and be fully engaged with the programme
We are on active fundraising mission to make this a reality. We need as much support we can get to continue impacting the lives of our youth entrepreneurs.

We require R184 485 to deliver on the proposed youth camp and pitching/graduation ceremony for the following work elements:
- Programme Preparation Costs R39 000
- Youth Camp- Workshop expenses R112 200
- Pitching event/ Graduation ceremony R24 500
- Contingencies R8 785
- Total estimated costs R184 485


Our Banking Details

Account Name: Seed for Change
Bank: Absa
Account number: 4095339040
Branch Code: 632005
Payment reference: YourName_SFC camp
We thank you for your contributions and playing your part in enabling our youth in becoming active participants in the economy of this country.