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Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship

Simply Change Business Incubation Hub – “The Hoopsters” Youth Self Employment Hub

Youth Employment matters beyond macro-economic indicators; South Africa’s current generation of youth represent its next generation of leaders in business, government and civil society, and if too many remain unskilled and semi-literate, socio-economic inequalities will persist and intensify.


Creating Appetite for Organizations to participate in The Presidents YES ( Youth Employment Initiative) using Simply Change ‘The Hoopsters” Youth vehicle to Absorb the Youth , Sponsoring their Stipends within Simply Change “The Hoopsters” structure with the final outcome being assisting in the Success of “The Hoopsters” Business Model and Youth Employment. Most Corporates are unable to host new positions within their own structures, they are encouraged to sponsor Youth Empowerment Initiatives that promotes Youth Employment.

Rolling Out Simply Change the “The Hoopsters” Youth Self Employed Incubation Hub & Business Incubation Nationally, a platform that gives Unemployed Youth a sense of Self Employment allowing them access and exposure of the same magnitude as the young people in employment gain, such as soft skills – confidence, business communication, self-discipline, work ethic, accountability, interpersonal skills – all necessary skills to help them navigate the challenges of the modern job market. Empowering and Upskilling the Young people to start their own businesses

Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship

  • Marketing Campaign
    Brand Education and Brand
    Awareness Activation.
  • Product Promotions
  • Research Material Data Collection.
  • Running Exhibition Stalls
  • Sales Activation
  • Recycling Awareness Campaign
  • Cleaning Campaigns
  • Financial Literacy for Kids
    Facilitation at Schools
  • General Assistance at Schools
  • Corporate Events Support Teams
  • Events Entertainment
  • Corporate Team Building


Youth Employment Entrepreneurship Wellness

  1. Hula Hoop Chan- Change Fitness
    Hula Hoop facilitation for the
    Youth, School Teachers, Primary
    and High School Children,
    Corporates and for Community
  2. Make the Hoop – Production
    Using Recycled Pipe the Hoopster
    have been trained and empowered
    with a skill to physically make or
    manufacture Hoops themselves
    using Recycled Pipe.
  3. Hoop the Hoop – LO & PT Hula
    Hoop Fitness Facilitation at Schools,
    Team Building, Brand Activations &
    Promotions, Community Building,
    Events, Performances
  4. Sell The Hoop – Stalls at various
    Markets for individual selling of
    Hoops, Bulk Hoop Orders from
    Corporates and Foundations for
    Christmas Party