About US

About Us

Launched in 2011, Waves for Change is an international award winning youth development organisation rooted in surfing, based in township communities where surfing and surf culture have never previously existed.

Waves for Change has leveraged surfing’s obvious appeal to open community drop-in centres on previously disused stretches of coastline. Run by trained staff from the local community, Waves for Change drop-in centres have proved capable of reaching and rehabilitating youth living on the very fringes of township communities, traditionally viewed as ‘Hard to Reach’.

Using surfing as a hook, Waves for Change connects youth affected by abuse, neglect, gang membership and street life to quality social, educational and health support, allowing them to become valued members of their community.

The introduction of surfing to new communities has also allowed Waves for Change to open alternative pathways for disenfranchised youth to gain nationally accredited qualifications. This has in turn allowed W4C participants to open small-scale social enterprises that yield small but sustainable sources of income from previously disused beaches, creating better futures for young adults with incomplete educations.



Waves for Change currently runs two drop-in centres (Masiphumelele and Monwabisi Beach), reaching over 400 youth per year and employing 13 local staff.

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1 – Drop-In Centres (Daily) :
Morning and afternoon programmes recruit youth (11-19yrs) from across the township community. Out-of-school and street youth are able to attend morning sessions that provide access to surf coaching, professional social care and a warm meal. Afternoon programmes are run mostly by referral with problem youth referred through community networks. Walk-in participants from the local community are also able to attend and Waves for Change’s integrated surfing curriculum creates a healthy atmosphere promoting respect, tolerance and mentorship.



2 – Coach Training and Social Enterprise (Daily) :
Waves for Change strives to ensure 100% community ownership of its projects. Local community members are able to access training in the accredited vocational skills needed to run a Waves for Change community drop-in centre. Waves for Change has developed a training programme that is open to young adults with incomplete schooling, opening new pathways for disenfranchised youth to access mainstream social inclusion.

Waves for Change surf coaches (all internationally accredited) also deliver surf lessons to the local tourist market and our corporate partners, yielding small but sustainable forms of income that were previously unavailable.

3 – Literacy and Numeracy Programming (Weekend) :
Run over weekends, surf boards and wetsuits are made available to participants who complete a 1-hour maths or english literacy class. Classes are delivered by senior members of Waves for Change drop-in centres, as well as student volunteers from local South African Universites and Waves for Change’s Corporate partners.





4 – Girls Programming (Weekend) :
Again run over weekends, Waves for Change opens its centres up to females only. In an effort to boost female participation in the sport of surfing, senior members of Waves for Change drop-in centres are only able to access equipment if they complete a 2-hour surf lesson with a female that they have recruited from the host community.



5 – Holiday Programming (School Breaks) :
Waves for Change works in partnership with the City of Cape Town to deliver high-impact holiday camps that combine surfing with HIV Education. Using Waves for Change’s award winning curriculum and delivered by Waves for Change coaches, W4C holiday camps educate about dangerous sexual behaviour, stigma and key social factors that keep HIV infection rates amongst youth high.







Fundraising / Corporate Partnerships

Our donors and partners are vital members of the Waves for Change community and make what we do possible. We also like to work with our donors and partners to create a more rewarding giving experience, allowing you to get more involved with Waves for Change.

As a donor how much should I give?

  • A Monthly order of ZAR 50.00 will sponsor food for 1 child per week.
  • A Monthly order of ZAR 150.00 will sponsor 1 wetsuit per year.
  • A Monthly order of ZAR 250.00 will sponsor 1 surfboard per year
  • A Monthly order of ZAR 500.00 will provide weekly educational and health support to a W4C participant.
  • A monthly order of ZAR 1,000.00 will help us train a Waves for Change coach

You can become a patron of a Waves for Change drop in centre for a monthly donation of  ZAR 10,000.00 (Patrons are recognised on our website).


As a monthly donor, you are invited to all our W4C events, including our annual W4C surf festival. You will also receive an annual copy of our AMAZA surf magazine. Also, you will be able to volunteer at our weekend girls and educational programmes.

Corporate Packages.

We like to build close relationships with our corporate partners and tailor packages that suit your needs.

Typically, we like to invite your staff to our weekend Education programmes and pair them with our participants. We also like to run an annual learn-to-surf day for your company, pairing your staff with the coaches that your sponsorship has helped train and employ.

Lastly, we also invite you to our annual Waves for Change festival and to display your corporate branding as a sponsor of our programming.

Please contact info@isiqalo.org to further discuss a corporate relationship with Waves for Change.