About US

About Us

Work4You is a registered NPO founded in 2006 by a team of occupational therapists, education experts and business people who have an interest in disability.

We identified an opportunity to alleviate the high unemployment rate of intellectually disabled youth in Cape Town.

Work4You acts as a bridge between special needs education and employment. Some of the disabilities encountered are traumatic brain damage, Down’s Syndrome, autism and cerebral palsy.

Work4You creates real and meaningful job opportunities for young adults with intellectual disabilities. We act as a bridge between the end of special needs education and supported employment for young adults with intellectual disabilities.

Work4You is managed by occupational therapists and welcomes intellectually disabled adults between the ages of 18 and 35.

Members are trained at our factory in Salt River where healthy dog treats called Wagalots are manufactured. This starts a process of personal development using occupational therapy and an individual action plan.

We have a 75% success in securing and sustaining jobs in the open labour market for our members.




Work4You is a pioneering organisation that manifests a high success rate in gaining employment for young adults with intellectual disabilities. We achieve this through 2 phases:

  1. The Work Skills Training Program starts with an initial assessment conducted in conjunction with the parents, guardians or primary care-givers of the youngsters or ‘team members’. A personalised action plan is then devised to develop appropriate work habits, work skills, interpersonal and independent living skills. The Wagalots (link to Wagalots page) baking process is the means by which occupational therapists train work skills and habits.    
  2. Once members are ready for work in the open labour market, the supported employment consultant ‘matches’ them with employment opportunities and helps with this transition process.

Andrew is one of Work4You’s longest serving team members.  Andrew has Down’s Syndrome and has been with Work4You for 9 years.

Melikhaya suffered a traumatic brain injury as a baby and was introduced to us 5 years ago. He is now employed full-time at Permoseal Factory; and it has been very rewarding to see the independent young man that he has become over the years.

Wagalots are tasty and nutritious dog treats made by the members and creates the valuable training and skills needed for maintaining a job in the open labour market. We then sell the biscuits to generate an income for Work4You.

We make use of the work assessment task to assess a member’s work-readiness and personal growth, whilst teaching them work skills as well as independent living and interpersonal skills.

We offer individual and varying degrees of support to our members, once they are ready for the open labour market, in order for them to fulfil their employment aspirations as well as to meet their employer’s needs. 

We believe that on-site training is the best form of job learning for our members; therefore they have the opportunity to do work trials before signing a contract. Once the supported employment consultant has ensured that a job is appropriate for each member, the transition from our training facility to the work environment begins.

Our consultants work with the parents or primary care-givers as well as the staff members to ensure that the transition from our workshop and into the new work environment is as smooth and as comfortable as possible for all parties involved.

Members have the full support of occupational therapists throughout this process, until they feel confident enough to handle the everyday challenges. This support continues long after they have left the workshop in Salt River.

At present, Work4You is providing training or support for 40 young adults from all over the Western Cape, some in our workshop and others in supported employment.










Become a business partner
Many businesses have job opportunities that could be filled by our members, so consider offering a placement to Work4You. Employing one of our members offers business BBBEEE disability points.

Sponsor a bursary

A bursary offers potential members from a socially disadvantage background a wonderful opportunity to benefit from our services. Should you sponsor a young adult for a year or more, we will keep you regularly informed of how your support is changing a life.

Parents of youngsters with intellectual disabilities
Is your son and daughter leaving school – or are they unemployed and you’re wondering what job opportunities are out there? Work4You is your solution. Securing jobs and training is our expertise. Why not chat to our current parents or come meet our team to find out more?

Invest in us

Over half of our organization is supplemented by our own income generation; however, we still rely on financial investments from corporates, trusts and private individuals. Donations/bursaries help us offer even more youngsters with intellectual disabilities the chance to develop into their full potential.

Fundraise for us

We love fundraising. If you are planning a fundraising event or simply want to donate to a worthy charity, please consider us.

Become a Work4You Ambassador

Work4You celebrates people who recognize the transformation we bring to intellectually disabled youngsters. So, if you would like to help out, we would love to know more about how your talents or networks could benefit us.

Buy Wagalots

Support Work4You by buying Wagalots treats for your furry friends! You can contact us to confirm your nearest supplier or telephone 021 447 0378 or mail office@work4you.org.za.