About US


About Us

YISS is a non-profit organisation, situated in Hanover Park at Crystal Secondary School. This organisation was ,created in the backdrop of the following realities and challenges in the disadvantage communities i.e. 70% of the youth are either unemployed, involved with drugs and substance abuse, crime and Gangsterism, youth released from  Secure Care Centres, teenage pregnancies (some in order to claim SASSA child Grant), imprisoned or school drop outs (no matric), having no hope or any ambitions or career plans, resulting in them becoming disillusioned, losing their self-respect and self-worth.  

We understand the realities that our young people are facing in our crime-ridden communities and therefore provide them with constructive alternatives towards building crime-free and responsible lives. We have been actively involved with youth development in high gangsterism and crime ridden environments for the past 3 years, thus we are highly equipped through our experiences and lessons learned to impact your youth in a successful and sustainable way.                                         

The  model  is hands-on and the projects are interactive, with participants being exposed to overall business, technical training and skills development, entrepreneurial development, employment readiness preparation, career guidance, sports, life skills, home visits and opportunities designed to give insight to these candidates when making career and employment choices.             
The primary objective is to empower the youth using this model, in order to drive job creation, enterprise development, skills and personal development creation strategy with these disadvantaged youth groups. This is being pursued together with the support and assistance of the community workers.

To change the mind-set, put food on their table and that crime is not the only option on the Cape Flats in order to survive or to reach their goals.




Services & Programmes

Age- 14 -35years

  • Carpentry
  • Construction
  • NPO training, coaching, mentorship and after -care program- over 35years
  • Disability Projects- – youth and over 35 years
  • Job Readiness Training
  • Waterless Car Wash
  • Wood fire-oven Bakeries and Hospitality Training
  • Career Guidance including High Schools
  • School Drop Outs Program/Projects                                   
  • Grills and Chills fast foods (DTI project involving 5 youth)
  • Hairdressing & Beauty Training Centre – youth and over 35 years
  • Beautification of Used Tyres
  • Gardening Project
  • Youth released from Secure Care Centres Projects
  • Basic Business skills includes Business Plan/Profile, Marketing, managing a Budget
  • Entrepreneurial Development
  • Co-operative training and registration
  • Health and safety in a workplace
  • Learner’s Driver’s License classes- code 8 – youth and over 35 years
  • Recycling and Waste Management projects – Used Tyre Project
  • Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety, HACCP Systems Training for co-operatives 
  • Coaching, mentoring and after care- includes home visits
  • Life Skills-compulsory -  Trauma Counselling, Anger Management, Rape & HIV/AIDS Dialogue     
  • Drug and Gangsterism awareness 


Beauty training in partnership with Relax and Rejuvenate Mobil Spa

The skills based beauty course started in September 2016 and concluded in November 2016 with ten ladies of Hanover Park and one of Delft successfully completed the course.
The beauty project was directed at youth candidates who want to acquire skills to work in the beauty sector, polish their existing skill, get employment with Relax & Rejuvenate or open their own beauty salon with the ultimate aim to equip the candidates with the ability to practice successfully in this industry.

Age Group: 18 - 35 years

 The Beautician and Massage course where they acquired the relevant skills to practice as a confident and competent Beautician.


  • Develop professional attitude and knowledge of body & skin care, manicure, pedicure, massage techniques and methods.
  • Produce a capable & skilful workforce as required by the prevailing market demands.
  • Equip the trainees with skills and knowledge to ensure adherence to health safety measures in parlours and emphasize on business procedures.

Course Fee:

This full training course of 8 weeks is valued at R15 800,00 per candidate and was offered FREE of charge!!


Hanover Park Youth Development Hub, Crystal High School in Hanover Park

However, over a short period of time our methodology and principles made a direct impact on the mind-set of these young ladies. This, in turn allowed them the freedom to interact confidently with the new acquired skill.

Through the training and methodology as listed in the table below, fully understand practical methods, implement the modules, events and activities below.

Beauty and Business skills modules

  1. Manicure and pedicure – practical and theory
  2. Health and Safety of pedicure and manicure
  3. Messaging – practical and theory
  4. Portfolio of evidence, assessments and class test
  5. Business class - Leadership Approach, managing your business, SARS procedures and Banking
  6. Rape Crises workshop
  7. Elderly pamper day- manicure, pedicure and messaging.
  8. Junior beauty competition- make-up and manicures of the contestants
  9. Miss Gay competition – make-up of the contestants
  10. Events
  11. Community work
  12. Be Dance Event- message event

Elderly Christmas Party

YISS adopted the elderly as their main beneficiaries- The 2016 Christmas lunch was in partnership with the Fairy Godmother NPO at the Hanover Park Youth Hub, where the youth prepared and served the lunch and desert. Over 100 elderlies were spoiled with hair, beauty, entertainment, awesome lunch and desert and gift.

Disability Event

This event was in partnership with Social Development Gugulethu and YISS provided the lunch, wellness and health and safety education/training on hair and products. The catering and hair services was prepared by the learners in the project.   

Green Point Homeless Event

In partnership with the owner of Fibre Designs Mr. Pierre Antoine and Hope Street as part of Hope Street Homeless Christmas Party “Give Of Sharing campaign”. The Christmas lunch and pop up shop was catered by Hope Street Organization that feeds the homeless on a monthly basis in the Green Point Park.
The event was the December 10th in Green Point (opposite the Virgin Active) and we cater to approximately 50 homeless persons. The YISS youth/learners, community workers and staff set up a mobile salon and kitchen in Green Point Park.





















Profile  -   Youth Impact and Sustainable Solutions NPO (YISS)

Jesmina’s(Naomi’s) Heartbeat

During the month of February 2013, Jesmina (Naomi) Stemmet, Community Developer Practitioner seized the initiative to devise a rescue plan for the Youth of the Western Cape.  Naomi’s heartbeat and motto has always been aligned with “giving back to the community where you come from”, and it is with this passion, drive and full understanding of what it entails to be a young person growing up in a disadvantaged district like Hanover Park, that she has found the strength to pursue such a huge noble cause.

Following the call of her heart, Naomi approached the Ward Councilor of Hanover Park to join in partnership with her.

Lucretia Philander

The Hair and Beauty skills training and Tyre Project, headed by the talented Lucretia Philander, National Golden Scissors Award winner, a lady packed with loads of experience and expertise on Hair and Beauty, has also been a revelation to the portfolio of the Hanover Park Youth Hub.

Lucretia and Jesmina (Naomi) have been conducting community and Ex-offender programs at Pollsmoor Correctional Centre on Hair and Beauty since 2012, Chrysalis Academy and Manenberg project.


YISS NPO “Delivering on Madiba’s words”

“ What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.  It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead ”

Nelson Mandela